On-Demand Webinar: Speed Development of the Most Complex Integrations with Outsystems

About The Webinar

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What is an app without data? Not much of an app at all. Today, an app’s value is primarily derived from its connections to data. The challenge is that integration with enterprise data sources is often a lot easier said than done.

The integration process is, most of the time, still very manual since it usually requires reading documentation and installing components to connect to APIs successfully. What if you could develop integrations just as fast and efficiently as you develop applications?

Key Webinar Takeaways

Discover why integration is so difficult and the common challenges Dev Teams face

Learn how you can reduce development time and address complex integration scenarios with ease

Explore ways you can extend existing Applications, Infrastructure, and SaaS, all without slowing anything down

Evaluate how you can rethink integration in the modern world

Speaker Profiles

Mike Hughes, Senior Director, Product Marketing, OutSystems

Mike considers himself an “IT Renaissance Man”. Having worked in diverse roles from developer to business analyst, architect to project manager, account manager to sales manager. Most recently he has taken on a role in product marketing which he finds brings him back closer to his technical roots. Mike’s background puts him in a unique position to help clients become their own IT success stories with the OutSystems low-code platform.

Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx

Jason is a leading IT industry analyst, author, keynote speaker, and globally recognized expert on multiple disruptive trends in enterprise technology and digital transformation. He is ranked #5 on Thinkers360’s Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Cloud Computing for 2020, among the top nine low-code analysts on the Influencer50 Low-Code50 Study for 2019, #5 on Onalytica’s list of top Digital Transformation influencers for 2018, and #15 on Jax’s list of top DevOps influencers for 2017.

As founder and president of Agile Digital Transformation analyst firm Intellyx, he advises, writes, and speaks on a diverse set of topics, including digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cloud-native computing, DevOps, big data/analytics, cybersecurity, blockchain/bitcoin/cryptocurrency, no-code/low-code platforms and tools, organizational transformation, internet of things, enterprise architecture, SD-WAN/SDX, mainframes, and hybrid IT among others.

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