On-demand Webinar with Teleport: Trustless Infrastructure – Securing Critical Assets

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The global pandemic and push for remote work are putting companies’ IT infrastructures at greater risk than before. This risk grows as infrastructure is scaled, and more people gain access to highly sensitive data, such as access keys to a valuable password vault. Another vulnerability is the use of passwords since they can also be compromised. To overcome these...

On-Demand Webinar with EXL – The Future of CX: Matching Speed of Your Customer

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Thanks to rapidly accelerating digital behaviours, organizations need data-driven insights and solutions that create a complete 360-degree view of their customers. To stay ahead of your competition, businesses must now satisfy customers on multiple touchpoints — anytime, anywhere.

Join senior leaders from, EXL Service, Etraveli, Stanley Black &...

On-Demand Webinar with Starmind: Human-Centric Knowledge Management, the solution leaders need to accelerate time to market 

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As a business leader in a competitive industry, you already know that speed to market is a critical differentiator. Your organization’s success depends on your ability to quickly deliver new innovative products or solutions. Inaccessible knowledge threatens to slow down productivity and cross-functional collaboration in large organizations. Human-centric...

Guide pratique du durcissement d’application


Le durcissement des applications, également connu sous le nom de blindage d’application ou de protection intégrée à l’application, est le processus de modification d’une application existante pour la rendre plus résistante aux tentatives de piratage telles que la rétro-ingénierie, la falsification et la surveillance.

Le renforcement des applications protège à la fois l’application elle-même et les données qu’elle utilise...

Top 7 des techniques de protection du code source contre le reverse engineering


Chaque jour, les pirates informatiques utilisent un nombre croissant de programmes malveillants et les types de méthodologies leur permettant d'accéder à des applications, appareils et informations personnelles de manière non autorisée ne cessent d'augmenter. Et bien souvent, le code interne au logiciel lui-même fournit le point d’entrée pour l’attaque.

En 2020, 35 % des brèches pourraient être attribuées à la recherche et à...

Zimperium Whitepaper: Top 7 Source Code Obfuscation Techniques


Every day the number and range of methodologies and malicious programs hackers use to gain unauthorized access to applications, devices, and personal information increases. Often software code itself provides the entry point for attack.

In 2020, a full 35% of breaches could be traced to scanning for and exploiting code vulnerabilities, making it the single most common initial infection vector, even ahead of phishing. Fortunately, the security...

Zimperium Whitepaper: The Practical Guide to Application Hardening


Application hardening, also known as application shielding or in-app protection, is the process of modifying an existing application to make it more resistant to hacking attempts such as reverse-engineering, tampering, and monitoring.

Application hardening protects both the app itself and the data it uses and is a required application security method under various regulations and standards. There are multiple application hardening techniques;...

Report: AI Driven Testing, Bridging the Software Test Automation Gap

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Testing requires recurring investments that result in most organizations spending roughly 50% of engineering budgets on software testing activities. However, not investing enough in testing can have devastating effects that cost you time, money, and customers. And with traditional automated testing tools still involving significant manual effort, how can...

On-Demand Webinar: Speed Development of the Most Complex Integrations with Outsystems

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What is an app without data? Not much of an app at all. Today, an app’s value is primarily derived from its connections to data. The challenge is that integration with enterprise data sources is often a lot easier said than done.

The integration process is, most of the time, still very manual since it usually requires reading documentation and installing components...

Slack: The Digital-first Toolkit


Organisations of all sizes, across all industries, are embracing the current moment to reinvent the way we work.

Some will remain fully remote, some will anchor to an office, and many will employ a hybrid model. But the common denominator among those leading the charge is a “digital-first” approach.

“Digital first” doesn’t mean “never in person.” It’s about empowering people to work when and where it’s best for them. Offices are just one of our tools...