Apple accidentally confirms ‘realityOS’ for its AR/VR headset

Apple has accidentally confirmed the existence of realityOS, an operating system for its unannounced AR/VR headset.

In open-source code pushed to GitHub by Apple this morning… well, just take a look:

The company is said to have been working on an AR/VR headset for many years. The headset is said to offer an innovative experience with “seamless” switching between AR and VR modes.

All the...

Unity flexes its robotic muscles in Object Pose Estimation demo

3D content development platform Unity is showing off how it can improve robotics in a new demonstration.

The new demo is called Object Pose Estimation and shows off Unity’s AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Training data is collected in Unity and used to train a deep neural network that predicts the pose of a cube. This model is then deployed in a simulated robot pick-and-place task.

Dr Danny Lange, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Unity,...