Nokia and Google Cloud partner to equip developers with 5G app tools

Nokia and Google Cloud partner to equip developers with 5G app tools

Nokia has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at equipping developers worldwide with the necessary network software tools to create innovative new 5G enterprise and consumer applications faster for their customers.

A key component is that Nokia's Network as Code platform, along with its developer portal, will now run on Google Cloud. This enhances the developer experience by providing access to Google Cloud's data, generative AI solutions, and capabilities...

Dave Burke retires as VP of Android engineering

After 14 years of steering Android's engineering efforts, Dave Burke has announced his retirement from his vice president role.

In a post on X, Burke said, "it's time for a change," signalling the end of his tenure that saw Android grow from a fledgling platform to a global powerhouse.

Burke joined Google in 2007 and became VP of Engineering for Android in 2014. On LinkedIn, he elaborated on his decision to...

Google continues AI push with new Gemini tools for developers

Google kicked off its annual I/O developer conference with a clear emphasis on AI, unveiling a suite of new Gemini-powered solutions to empower developers.

At the forefront is an expansion of Google's Gemini language model, including the public preview of 1.5 Flash which is designed for high-frequency tasks. Developers can join a waitlist to preview a groundbreaking two million context window for 1.5 Pro.

"Streamline workflows and optimise AI-powered applications with...

Google blocked 2M malicious apps from the Play Store in 2023

Google blocked 2.28 million policy-violating apps from being published on the Play Store in 2023, thanks to improved security measures and tighter developer vetting processes. The company rejected or had developers remediate almost 200,000 app submissions to prevent abuse of sensitive permissions like location tracking and SMS access.  

The company says providing a safe and trusted Play Store experience is its top priority, underpinned by principles to "safeguard users",...

Android 15 beta improves edge-to-edge, app archiving, and security

Google has released the first Android 15 beta with enhanced screen real estate utilisation, app archiving, and the bolstering of security measures. 

The tech giant has focused on optimising Android 15 for larger displays, such as those on foldable devices and tablets, by enabling apps' edge-to-edge capabilities by default. This move is will benefit developers by eliminating the need for them to explicitly command the app to engage these features. Additionally, developers will...

Jpegli boosts high-quality image compression by 35%

Google has introduced Jpegli, a JPEG coding library that maintains high backward compatibility while offering enhanced capabilities and a 35 percent compression ratio improvement at high quality compression settings.

According to Google, the new JPEG coding library is designed to be faster, more efficient, and more visually pleasing than traditional JPEG. It employs several new techniques to deliver:

Compatibility: Jpegli provides a fully interoperable encoder and decoder...

Google paid $10M to bug hunters in 2023

Google has revealed that it paid out $10 million to over 600 bug hunters from 68 countries in 2023.

Throughout the year, Google's bug hunter community played a pivotal role in identifying and addressing thousands of vulnerabilities across various Google platforms. The company's dedication to incentivising researchers saw the introduction of several new programs and improvements to existing ones.

Among the notable developments was the launch of the Bonus Awards program,...

Google improves Android device orientation accuracy

Google has announced a new device orientation solution for Android map developers called the Fused Orientation Provider (FOP) API in Play services. This API aims to provide more consistent and high-performance device orientation capabilities across devices.

“Device orientation, or attitude, is used as an input signal for many use cases: virtual or augmented reality, gesture detection, or compass and navigation – any time the app needs the orientation of a device in relation to...

Google: Meta’s approach to Android 14 is a ‘blueprint’ for success 

Google has shed light on how Meta approaches tackling challenges and streamlining processes to enhance Android app development.

Following the rollout of Android 11, Meta embarked on a transformative journey, establishing the "Android OS Readiness Program." This move was prompted by identified hurdles concerning existing features such as Chat Heads and emerging requirements like scoped storage integration.

A major bottleneck in addressing these issues stemmed from...

Google experiments with AI-generated ‘App Highlights’ in Play Store

Google's quest for integrating AI across its products and services continues as the tech giant is now turning to using it for enhancing the Play Store experience. According to reports, Google is experimenting with using AI to generate information for the App Highlights section in the Play Store.

An update shared on social media by code sleuth @AssembleDebug has revealed that when users tap on an app in the Play Store, they may now see information about the app's features and...