Swimm tackles software documentation challenges

Internal documentation is a crucial aspect of software development that captures essential knowledge about code. However, creating and maintaining documentation can be time-consuming and challenging, leading to knowledge silos and reduced efficiency.

To address these challenges, Swimm offers a powerful documentation platform that integrates with the development process, simplifying documentation creation, maintenance, and discovery.

Swimm's ecosystem includes an IDE...

GitHub’s Mermaid support enables developers to quickly create diagrams

GitHub has added native support for Mermaid—enabling developers to quickly generate diagrams.

According to GitHub, both open-source and enterprise developers see a productivity boost of around 50 percent when provided with detailed documentation. Rich, visual formats often help to better present information.

Last month, GitHub added support for .svg files to comments in issues, PRs, discussions, and Markdown files like READMEs. However, GitHub says that it recognises...