Judge dismisses majority of GitHub Copilot copyright claims

A judge has dismissed the majority of claims in a copyright lawsuit filed by developers against GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI.

The lawsuit was initiated by a group of developers in 2022 and originally made 22 claims against the companies, alleging copyright violations related to the AI-powered GitHub Copilot coding assistant.

Judge Jon Tigar's ruling, unsealed last week, leaves only two claims standing: one accusing the companies of an open-source license violation and...

Sam Altman’s blockchain project ‘World Chain’ opens to developers

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's Worldcoin project has launched a developer preview of World Chain, a new blockchain that claims to prioritise humans and scale with the growth of the Worldcoin ecosystem. 

World Chain – built on the OP Stack and integrated with the Worldcoin protocol – aims to provide developers with access to over 10 million users across 160 countries who are using compatible wallets, starting with the World App.

With the developer preview, the Worldcoin...

Dapp industry reached new heights in Q2 2024

The Web3 ecosystem has witnessed a resurgence in Q2 2024, with the NFT sector in particular experiencing its strongest performance since Q1 2023.

According to a DappRadar report, the dapp industry has seen a 40% increase in usage compared to the previous quarter, reaching an impressive 10 million daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW).

For software developers working in the blockchain space, this growth presents both opportunities and challenges. The social sector emerged as...

Google unleashes 2M token context and code execution for Gemini developers

Google has announced a series of updates to its Gemini AI platform, offering developers enhanced capabilities and access to more powerful tools. The tech giant is opening up the two million token context window for Gemini 1.5 Pro to all developers, introducing code execution features, and adding Gemma 2 to Google AI Studio.

The two million token context window, previously behind a waitlist, is now available to all developers using Gemini 1.5 Pro. This extensive context window...

What developers can learn from the largest DDoS attack in history

This past October, Google Cloud disclosed that it had successfully mitigated the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in history – and that this DDoS attack had been hitting businesses since August.

What made it the worst DDoS to date? It was the volume. At its peak, the attack counted over 398 million requests per second (rps). To compare, the worst recorded DDoS attack up to that point, detected in 2022, reached 46 million rps.

The fall 2023 attack,...

Bitwarden strengthens passwordless authentication with magic links API

Credential management firm Bitwarden has announced an enhancement to its Passwordless.dev platform with the release of a magic links API.

Bitwarden’s latest offering empowers developers to seamlessly integrate passwordless authentication into their applications, providing a more secure and user-friendly experience for end-users.

The magic links API enables developers to send unique one-time-use links via email, allowing users to securely access their accounts or easily...

Redis switches to more restrictive license

Leading in-memory database vendor Redis is adopting a dual-licensing model, imposing far stricter terms on companies offering Redis as a service. 

In an official announcement, Redis Labs stated that starting with version 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and the controversial Server Side Public License (SSPLv1).

This is not the first time Redis has changed licensing terms. In 2018, it shifted some modules to a more...

GitHub enables secret scanning push protection by default

In response to the alarming trend of API keys, tokens, and other confidential data being inadvertently exposed, GitHub has taken further steps to fortify its platform against potential breaches.

Within the first two months of 2024, GitHub has uncovered one million leaked secrets across public repositories, averaging over a dozen incidents per minute. Such alarming figures underscore the pressing need for robust safeguards to protect users and their data.

Since August...

Google enables WebGPU by default in Chrome 121

Google has enabled WebGPU support by default in the latest version of its Chrome browser, Chrome 121. WebGPU is a new web standard that provides low-level access to GPU hardware for high-performance 3D graphics and general purpose computing using JavaScript APIs. 

WebGPU support is now enabled on devices running Android 12 or later powered by Qualcomm and ARM GPUs. Support will expand to more Android devices in the near future, including those still on Android 11. The rollout...

Valve clarifies what AI content it will allow on Steam

Valve has introduced new guidelines regarding what kinds of AI-generated content it will allow developers to include in games published on Steam. The move comes as AI tools that can automatically generate images, text, code, and other content have become more advanced and widely available.

In a post earlier today, Valve said it is updating its submission process to require developers to disclose if and how they used AI tools to create content for their games. Developers must...