Opinion: Measuring the value of open source

(Image Credit: Phil Whitehouse)

The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organisation created to promote and accelerate the growth of collaborative software development in general, and Linux in particular, has released a report that puts the combined value of its collaborative development projects at more than $5 billion.

Current Linux Foundation collaborative projects include the AllSeen Alliance, which promotes interoperability in the Internet of Things, the Cloud Foundry...

Self-taught developers favour newer languages

The recent Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation report, a global survey of up to 25,000 developers conducted each year by London-based technology firm VisionMobile, has revealed that self-taught developers favour newer programming languages such as Swift and HTML5/JS.

46% of developers using Swift, the new programming language for iOS and OS X released by Apple in 2014 and open sourced in June 2015, do not hold a university-level computing science degree, according to...