Operator APIs - What developers think

Developers are key!

You may think you have the best API or service in the world. If no developer adopts it, you will not be on the market and you will not have end users to capture value from. Value does not necessarily have to be monetary value as I have discussed in my article Leveraging APIs as part of Digital Strategy. Developers are the crucial element in the API value chain. Without them this chain is...

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API operations and donuts

API operations really is about making sure that APIs are accessible and deliver according to developers’ expectations. As such it has two functions: internally the processes need to be streamlined and efficient to reduce cost; externally API operations need to be effective in meeting developers’ expectations. Or in the words of the authors of the “APIs — A Strategy...

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The Business of APIs Conference: Key takeaways

On 13 November 2013, I was invited to the Business of API conference organised and hosted by Mashery. The venue was held at the Millbank tower and London weather-wise presented itself from its best side, which allowed an awesome view.

BAPI has run now for several years and is held in three locations (San Francisco, New York and London). Mashery certainly did a lot of pioneering work in the...

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What’s the value of Operator APIs for developers?

It is well known in the developer and API space that carriers or mobile network operators (MNOs) lost a lot of power and mindshare among developers. That is for several reasons, which I will not discuss here in detail. Several years back MNOs were the main providers of platforms and distribution channels for developers, which also created some lock-ins. With the advent of centralised mobile app stores not operated by MNOs, this situation changed drastically and new business models within that now quite complex space of

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The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

The two dimensions of application programming experience (APX)

imageThis post is influenced by a recent discussion on the Developer Evangelists group on LinkedIn about “What developers want from API providers.” I bring together various trains of thoughts here.

What developers want from API providers ?

There is an upcoming notion of APX – the application programming experience –...

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Using customer development concepts in building a lean startup

I consider the Lean Startup principles as very useful and efficient – not just for launching a startup, but also for any internal activities or projects you may have. If you are interested you can read up on a summary about the “Lean Startup principles and mobile app development”.

Related to this I just finished a module on Udacity – the free online university – about

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