Developing and testing for Google Glass

Google Glass is shipping and first generation users can expect to have the newest mobilewear tech in their hands soon. But what good is a new device if it doesn’t have many apps? As it turns out, you won’t have to wait long  for Google Glass apps – er, “Glassware.”

While things will likely start slowly at first (TechCrunch is reporting that only developers with a physical...

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How to plan smartly when developing a mobile app

How to Plan Smart When Developing An AppHave you ever heard someone say, “I think I’ll just develop this app real quick”?

Didn’t think so. Developing an app isn’t something you can just crank out. Theoretically you could – but it certainly wouldn’t be a chart-topping application. Developing a successful app takes careful planning and analysis. David Tucker, in

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A comprehensive history of Android versions [infographic]

Cupcakes, froyo, ice cream sandwiches and jelly beans are all delicious! They’re also all Android operating system versions. Over the years Android has released 39 public updates to their OS. What did each update add to the platform? When did your favourite feature hit the market? Learn all about the history of the Android versions in this infographic put together by Kinvey.

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How mobile is changing software testing

Jennifer Lent is the site editor for TechTarget’s She is a treasure trove of mobile application dev and testing news. If you have some time to kill and want to learn more about the rise of mobile and how it’s changing companies and their development approaches (particularly in enterprise) go through her archives.

In the meantime, here’s a look at four major changes mobile has forced upon the...

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How Google makes money from mobile [infographic]

It’s no secret that mobile is driving bottom line growth for businesses all over the globe. Over the past year, the path to mobile monetization has become increasingly clearer for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Now, it’s so clear that mobile ad company WordStream put together an infographic on the ways search engine giant Google makes money from mobile. Here’s a look:

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Android continues to be the world’s biggest magnet for malware

Mobile malware. It’s scary, hard to protect against and is growing rapidly – especially on the Android OS. Due to its open-nature and popularity, the Android OS continues to be the biggest magnet for mobile malware and security attacks.

As covered by Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch, a recent report from F-Secure says that Android accounts for 79% of all malware in 2012:

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Mobile users becoming more demanding and less patient

If you’re a mobile app developer or tester here’s some good news, according to a study released by Compuware, 85% of smartphone users prefer native apps over mobile web. The bad news? They have very high expectations, and you’re not meeting them. Want to hear some scary statistics?

  • 55% of users have experienced a problem with a mobile app
  • 62% have had an app crash, freeze or throw an error
  • 47% experienced sluggish launch
  • 40% have had an app fail to...

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Are developers keeping pace with the mobile-first shift?

It’s no longer a prediction or a buzzword; as a society we’ve made the transition to mobile-first. However, it’s easy to miss a gradual shift when you’re living in it day-to-day, and for many mobile app developers they are only now seeing the big picture.

Jeffery Hammond, of Forrester Research, is worried that development teams are not prepared:

“Think about how this...

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