Windows Phone depends on app quality

According to Microsoft, their Windows Phone Store now features more than 300,000 apps and games as of late last week. Two months ago, that number stood at 255,000 apps. A month later, 270,000. The interesting aspect of this milestone, as Softpedia also notes, is not so much the number of apps, but the rate in which they were added:

Windows Phone apps generally received much higher ratings.

This milestone is much more important...

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Localising your app? Some things to keep in mind

What works in one market will fail miserably in others. Not only is this true for physical consumer products – it’s also true with regard to mobile apps. Hence the dramatic uptick in localization testing over the last decade.

Of course, localization testing often highlights issues after the fact, once the app has already been developed, and in some cases, launched. So how can you ensure that your app’s international success equals (or exceeds) its domestic success before launch?

Answers can be found by taking a closer...

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Healthcare apps: Time for a second opinion?

It’s one thing to trust an app that counts your steps throughout the day. It’s another thing to trust an app that helps to diagnose you with a serious illness. As the number of healthcare apps continues to grow, the questions remains: Can healthcare apps be trusted?

This is becoming a key question lately for consumers, healthcare professionals, app developers and the media – and it’s one that we wanted to briefly address in...

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Your app has been delayed: Airlines playing catch-up in the apps economy

Mobile apps are no longer a novelty; they are an essential component for almost all businesses in all industries. Of course, some have arrived at this conclusion years ago, while others have experienced a bit of a delay. Namely, airlines.

While most airlines now offer an enhanced user experience via mobile apps, not everyone has followed suit. NDTV recently covered a story highlighting the app development...

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Here's how to develop a user-friendly mobile website

Staying connected with your target audience means being easily accessible. How is this accomplished? Hint: It’s not always through a native app. Sometimes, as BetaNews recently pointed out, a mobile website is the better option.

The author reminds us that, “there are now more than one million apps in the Apple app store but a study by Deloitte’s showed that 80 percent of apps get less than 1,000 downloads each.”

What does...

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App testing in China’s mobile market

Like any business entering into a new market for the first time, it is of vital importance for mobile app testers to understand the temperament of that market. As Silicon India recently discussed, the China mobile market represents an intriguing landscape with a high ceiling, but it is not without its own set of challenges and nuances.

The People’s Republic of China has a population...

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Is Microsoft leading the way to a unified platform?

Isn’t it a pain when you have to buy or download an app 2 or 3 times if you want the different versions created for your PC, your tablet and your mobile device? Isn’t it a much BIGGER pain to be the one that has to develop or test 3 separate versions of that application?

Microsoft thinks so, and they may be just the first platform to dive into the idea of unifying their...

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The technology behind location-based apps

One of the other-worldly features of mobile devices is their ability to track your exact location. Can you imagine the sordid stories throughout history that may have been re-written had this technology been invented sooner?  You can almost imagine the courtroom; “Where were you on the night of…”

Anyway, there are two main ways to collect and distribute this type of information in the present day – Beacons and Geofencing – and both have their advantages. More on this in a...

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Mobile-First companies leave door open for competition

Let’s face it, there are apps these days that are always in the news… for good or for bad. You know some of the ones I’m talking about – Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Angry Birds, Shazam, and the list goes on. So why are these apps always in the news? Because the businesses that created them are app-centric…meaning the apps are the business. These businesses were born in the mobile-era, so they revolve around their mobile apps and invest heavily in them. While these apps may be...

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Why native app performance still beats HTML5

HTML 5 versus Native AppsAccording to Forrester research, native mobile apps outperform their HTML5 counterparts.

HTML5 apps are a one size fits all approach where just one set of code is created for every platform. Native apps are designed specifically for a certain operating system. One of the major points of differentiation in the performance of each type of app...

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Mobile app use jumps by 115% in 2013

By the end of last year, Apple’s App Store had brought in $10 billion, 3 billion iOS apps had been downloaded in December alone and Gartner was predicting that 1 billion mobile devices running Android would shop in 2014. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play reached the 1 million apps mark and web use via mobile devices made a dent in traditional web’s traffic. What else happened in the mobile world last...

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Developers creating game apps for wearable tech

Games are one of the most popular mobile app categories and now some people are betting that they can help launch wearable tech into the mainstream – or at least that games could be really cool on wearables.

So far, the public hasn’t latched onto any one wearable model. Google Glass isn’t widely available yet and the few smartwatches haven’t made much of a splash. The biggest hit in wearables right now are fitness trackers, but most of those rely on a companion mobile app to let users...

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iOS apps suffer security problems

iOS App SecurityMobile app security is a growing concern, but most companies are still struggling to keep up. Android has traditionally been the operating system associated with mobile security issues, but recent stats released by HP prove that iOS developers are also fighting an uphill battle.



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How Google plans on addressing Android fragmentation

Android 4.4 Kit KatGet ready for another Android OS version … and less fragmentation. Wait, what?

Google – whose Android operating system is famous for openness but also for being incredibly fragmented – has officially released details about its next sweet OS version! And with this version (4.4 aka Kit Kat), Google is...

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