3 ways to pick the right keywords to enhance Android apps' success

App Store Optimization is a term that many of you are now aware of and want to do right. The way in which app stores allow your app to be searched for changes from time to time, but if you get the basics right you will most certainly be enhancing your app’s likelihood to be found in an organic search in a crowded app market.

Choosing the right

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Are you an Android app content thief? Avoid copyright issues

The first impression of your Android app is what is going to drag your audience to your app and make them want to download your app, it will also help keep your audience if they see that your app is set up in an easy to use manner and is pleasing to the eye. However, don’t you just love that there is always a ‘however’, your app’s appearance isn’t the only thing that will keep your app audience happy, it is your content that they will be most interested in once they have...

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7 ways to beat the competition – Marketing your Android App

How many apps are there currently in the Android app market, including all the Android stores, Google Play, Amazon, Get Jar and more? The answer is too many to count, there are literally hundred of thousands of apps that you need to compete with to get your app visible. In order to ensure that your app is successful you need to ensure that your free Android app is unique and stands out from the crowd.

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8 tips that you must follow when using Social Media for your app business

We have been looking recently at using social media as your main marketing tool, after all, where else will you find a marketing tool that is as strong as social media and comes for free? The power of social media however, is not always a good thing, one mistake and your business can be seriously damaged, sometimes I would go as far as saying destroyed.

Today we are going to look at the do’s and the don’ts of social media with the aim to educate you enough to ensure that you do not fall into the...

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Google Play changes – How will this affect your Android apps?

Most of our app makers choose to upload their free Android apps into the Google Play store, we know that this store is not the only Android store around, but whether we like it or not, Google Play is still the most popular Android app store and this does not look like it will change in the near future, therefore it is vital that you are aware of all Google Play changes and how this will affect your app’s discoverability.

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Market Android apps by optimizing for the app market

Let me tell you something that I think you may already know – the Android app market place is getting crowded and competition for apps is heating up at a phenomenal speed. So how do you market Android apps to ensure that they don’t get lost in the Android app market? The first and most important step that many people forget is to ensure that their app is app store optimized.

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Why should websites be mobile optimized?

Not all businesses have realized that they can optimize their website for mobile use without having to create a mobile app. What it means to have your website mobile optimized is that users that access your website through their mobile browser are able to get full access to your website.

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Are you the next budding appreneur?

We are now living in the digital age and the want to work for oneself has continued to be a dream for many. Once we would have strived to become an entrepreneur, to open a new business, build it from scratch and reap what you have sowed, but this notion has been taken over by a new wave of entrepreneurs better known as Appreneurs. I am always talking about building app empires and becoming an Appreneur, and never gave it a thought that maybe not all of you have heard this phrase Appreneur before.

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10 simple steps to Android app success

Over the past two years we have been focusing upon giving our app tool users tips on how to build the best app. What we have realised is that many of you don’t need this advice, what you need is the next step, how to ensure Android app success.

In today’s post I am going to show you the route taken by some of our most successful app makers, the route taken by those that have seen their Andriod app gain thousands of downloads and continued daily usage. An app is a...

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Beginners tips: Creating the right content for your Android app

Well done for getting to this stage in your app making. By now you will have already decided what subject you are creating an app about and who your audience is. Now what you need to do is decide how to create the correct content for your app to keep your audience interested. When you create content for your app you need to consider both the internal and external content for your Android app. External content is the content that is seen prior to the app being installed; the app name, the app icon and the app description, this is what wraps up your app, the...

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Making sense of the Android app markets

So you think that all the work is over now that you have created your app? Well, it is not quite over until your app is being downloaded and used in one of the Android app markets. Before you get started on publishing your app you need to understand what Android app markets really means.

What are Android App Markets?

App markets are places where you go to find,...

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Three keys to being found in Google Play

There’s a lot of talk about improving your ranking in Google Play, and that’s not a bad thing to be concerned about, but the talk forgets something very important.

Most people aren’t browsing categories; they’re searching for a specific app or type of app. 75% of users who enter Google Play and end up downloading an app get to that app through searching, not browsing.


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Using a Guest Post to Promote Your App

One way to get attention for an app is to post a guest post on someone else’s blog. It’s not difficult to do. The basic process is this:

  • Find a blog that posts related material.
  • Approach the blog owner and offer them a post that adds value.
  • Write a post that fits the blog’s style and purpose.
  • Send it to them.
  • That sounds very easy, but there are a lot of complications in the process. First, you’ll want to do a lot of research to find blogs that are related to your...

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