The future of mobile ad sales, 3.4 billion to 80 billion!

Research flurry is reporting that mobile apps hit 58 million users during primetime. Yes, that’s primetime network television, 8 PM. When you compare the $3.4 billion generated in revenue in 2012 with the network television 74 billion dollars in 2012 it begs the question as to why mobile apps make such little money in advertising. That’s only 4.5% of revenues seen in television...

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Support apps for startups suck...until now

In the past 5 years or so we’ve really seen an explosion of online support apps. These companies have become some of the most lucrative business of late; basically the Zen desk clone wars.

For me it’s been very interesting to watch these companies as they design their applications. In my career I’ve always worked in organizations where we built our own support applications. I have also needed a good support app for my startups. So this is a topic I researched often and did so with great...

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Google finally purging Android of bad apps

After years of developer and Android user complaints, Google is finally getting their Google Play store in order. According to an article by Apple Insider, Google recently undertook a considerable spring cleaning effort in its Play Store, sweeping away nearly 10 percent of the apps in the Android app repository in order to cut down on the number of “spammy” apps.

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The most needed gap to be filled in app freelancing

Anyone who has built an app knows there is a massive gap in the market when it comes to server management. Especially for those Appreneurs is looking to host their app on a budget. Fully managed servers are expensive and often required. Many apps will need several custom services to be installed and setup.

Shared hosting just does not cut the mustard. You’re going to need a VPS or dedicated server. We actually use Rackspace open cloud ourselves. Once you sign up for these services, you find that you’re...

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How to build a winning developer team of iPhone and iPad appreneurs

By Chris Burns “Coming together is a beginning; Staying together is progress; Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Chris reached out to me a while ago and asked if he could write a guest post. He pitched me on the following topic and it sounded awesome, so he went for it. Below is a great description of both hiring and managing a development team. Almost everyone is going to be working with someone overseas at some point in their life and these principles can be applied...

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Where is the money: Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?

Finally, to put to the age old question folks look for jobs want to know. Although WordPress developer and designers enjoy the greatest demand when compared to  their Drupal or Joomla counterparts, and even though WordPress outnumbers Drupal and Joomla, Drupal web professionals on average make double what WordPress professionals make per project.

In general CMS projects grew almost 50% quarter over quarter. The number of WordPress projects grew 61%; Joomla projects grew 38%;...

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Why some developers are respected by their peers

By Jenna Morrison

The good developers

Good developers are the core of our profession. At idle, they demonstrate more competency, drive and intellectual prowess than 95% of the regular population. By regular population I mean the whole planet.

These are people who have a very clear set of skills and stick to those skills as experts. Generally speaking they are always looking for a better way, or a new approach and are intrigued by innovation. They write neat and clean code, with solid architecture and...

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Cross-client, cross-browser and roadblocks

There are all kinds of clients out there. There are the ones that don’t want to know and just disengage completely from the project. Others want fine grained control over a providers activity. Some want to get into the code and others like to tweak the front end incessantly.

Weblance is designed to help providers and clients to mesh these working styles into a productive process that deploys apps quickly. In some cases the platform will back clients off to allow providers...

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6 questions to ask a web developer before hiring

I think these guys are great. They have carved out a niche market by catering to churches. Probably not a tech savvy crowd, they decided to make some great videos to sell their services and educate their prospective customers. Very good points and right on target. I wish this was a bit longer! These are great questions and are a great start. I am sure we can all think of 10 more. Someday we will release our manual on how to hire! Oh dear, so many possibilities...The six...

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Homage to early app developers, the 1974 pizza app

Ok so it didn’t work great, but it was 40 years ago! Remember, your phone is more powerful than this thing! God bless them for trying and god bless the guy who took the order. He accepted the technology right away! I also love how she says, ”soon we will all use computers to communicate”.

Who knew Dominos Pizza was that old and would still have crap pizza 50 years later!

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Do you even know what designers do?

Recently I ran into a firm that had no idea what designers do. Yes, they did call themselves designers. Yes, they were offshore hucksters. They did not know the difference between a designer and a front end developer, let alone a PSD technician or website designer.  It got me thinking that the only way these people can get away with not knowing their own business is if the market was rich with folks who might be confused on what a website designer does.

I shudder to think about all those folks hiring website designers and they just...

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How to project manage on big-time #AppDev briefs

In order to run an effective developer team, you must have both people management and process management abilities. The app developer manages the work, quality, budget and deliverable dates, and you need to be an effective project manager to take care of the schedule and assure the work is completed on time and within budget.

Practice Meeting Fundamentals

  • It's your responsibility to make sure that the client and all the team members are meeting on a normal scheduled basis
  • Ensure that all the team members are...
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    How to rescue a project that is in trouble

    All projects face issues. Often times the way you resolve those issues will be the difference project failure and project success. Here are some ways to rescue your project when the wind blows your way!

    Talk your team about prioritizing features together with specifications.

    This will allow you to put the less important items last thereby minimizing your risk of not meeting the deadline. Eliminate any features or functionality that they live without until after the project deadline.

    Increase resources


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