Scheduling a Task to run repeatedly in Android

Android has a built-in AlarmManager class which makes scheduling tasks very easy.

What we will do is to setup an Activity to be run at 00:01:00 every day i.e 1 minute past midnight.

There are 3 steps to doing this:

  • Check if the AlarmManager already has our schedule configured
  • Set up the task in AlarmManager
  • Write code which will get activated at the scheduled time

    Assuming you are familiar with the concept of an Intent, a Pending Intent is granting another app the permission and...

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    ATOS SIPS Payment Gateway implementation in .NET

    France based ATOS Worldline SIPS is the leading secure payment solution in Europe. They process over 250 million transactions a year for about 30,000 merchants.

    Though they provide comprehensive technical docs and support to incorporate their gateway into your website, there is no existing example which demonstrates the whole process from start to finish.

    This blog shows how to incorporate their gateway into an ASP.NET based website. It is assumed that you are a developer/programmer with experience in websites.


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    The love triangle which every developer should know

    For all of us who have to do projects for others - either customers or even internal projects for your company - it's very important to realise the feasibility or non-feasibility of a project as early in the development process as you can.

    This can go a long way in making sure that you are not going to put in time and effort in something which is going to end in failure anyway.

    There are few things more demoralising than working hard on an application for weeks and then finding out that it wasn't appreciated...

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