Rapid mobile app development works - but not without management

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Although the developers of Angry Birds probably didn’t know at the time how much their app would take off, one thing’s for certain: they didn’t set out to create an app with a terrible user experience. They wanted a mobile app with depth that would cater to as wide an audience as possible, with all the right features and nothing cut-and-paste.

RMAD may take less investment up-front,...

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Software Deployment Models, Part II: On-Prem

When we continued our series on software deployment models last week, we discussed a very popular option for most of our clients: deployment via the public cloud. But in terms of available software deployment models, the cloud only tells part of the story.

Prior to the ‘invention’ of the cloud, we had mainframe computing. Mainframes provided us with the ability to centralize the control of our resources, and for many years were the...

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Myth busting mobile application management (MAM)

There’s a half-truth blazing its way through the enterprise mobility marketplace. Organizations are being told, by vendors who are at best uninformed and at worst being dishonest, that having an app store means you have MAM.

This deception needs to end, now.

Mobile application management is not merely the standing up of a customized app store, advantageous as that may be. Mobile application management is a systems-management view of enterprise mobile apps. It encompasses deployment, configuration,...

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Enterprise: Why MAM is more than simply an MDM add-on

About a week ago, I felt compelled to comment on a Channel Partners article authored by Hyoun Park, Making Sense of Mobile Life Cycle Management.

It was an informative piece, and its emphasis on developing an app management strategy was spot on. The aspect of Hyoun’s article I took issue with was, in my opinion, an incomplete explanation of Mobile Application Management. While he provided welcome detail on many of its advantages, in the context of the...

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Enterprise apps are where the money is in 2013

Many are calling 2013 the year of enterprise apps. A quick google search reveals a host of articles echoing that proclamation. It’s one we welcome because we’ve seen it evolving rapidly toward this point for the past two years.

Typical of prediction wisdom, we’ll be the first to say that this insight is half right.

Welcoming enterprise apps is, for us, like...

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PhoneGap follow-through — the URL vs. mobile app download debate

A few months back (shoot, it was actually last year!) I talked about PhoneGap and how it is stepping in as a good solution for cross-platform HTML5 frustration. Since then, I get asked a couple of times a week about PhoneGap, its industry perception, and effectiveness.

I have to report that PhoneGap is still very much the 900-pound gorilla of enterprise mobile app dev, providing a smart option for developers...

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2012 — The Enterprise Mobile App Grows Up?

We’re basing that assessment not only on what we do (though that makes sense from the perspective of gratuitous self-promotion, don’t you think?) but also because we’ve been clocking some great feedback and participating in so many conversations reinforcing that notion.

When we were at the last MoDevEast Hackathon, which we recently raved about, profiled, and

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