Why the Japanese app market is a tough nut to crack #AppsWorld

The US dropped to second place in terms of app revenue generation last year for the first time ever, supplanted by the new dominant player whose smartphone market is beginning to snowball, Japan.

Mobile app intelligence and metrics tracking specialist App Annie has released a detailed breakdown of the complex Japanese market, shedding some light on how difficult a nut it is for western developers to crack.  

Smartphone uptake among the Islands’ population progressed at a leisurely...

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Android development for the media business, keeping life interesting - #AppsWorld

It’s been a tough time for Tribune Co, fighting to make headway in a highly competitive market, its four year journey back from Chapter 11 has been no cake walk.

We caught up with Steve Weiss, the group’s senior Android mobile developer, ahead of his appearance at Apps World next month in San Francisco.

Working for such a huge, historic company, especially given its current situation, makes for an interesting professional life. The son of...

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How long does it take to build an app? [infographic]

How long does it actually take to build an app? In a bid to come up with an answer to this question, Kivney polled 100 developers to discover how long they expected it would take to build core front- and backend components of an Android or iOS app.

The backend-as-a-service provider collated the reaults and came up with some surprising visualisations to put the timeframes in context. Who knew you could drill three 3000-foot oil wells in the time it takes to launch the first...

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AQuA's top 10 app fails: How many do you test for?

Following the launch of the Quality App Directory in October, the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has released a list of the top ten failures they’ve encountered in apps.

AQuA, a not-for-profit trade association, is run and funded by its members, including AT&T, Orange, Oracle, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Mobile and LG.

It has drawn on the experience of these members, building up a set of best practice guidelines for producing quality apps, and provides sets of platform-specific testing criteria to...

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Splunk introduces new SDKs for Java and Python

A frankly excellent 2012 for San Francisco’s big data intelligence darling Splunk is ending the year with the launch of two new SDKs for Java and Python.

Splunk has seen impressive growth since its inception in 2003, largely off the back of the increasing big data analysis needs of websites, apps, servers, networks and mobile devices that power much of the business world.

Its recent $229.5m Wall Street IPO put the relatively young company firmly on the map in the minds of a far wider audience than the...

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What were Europe's most sought-after dev skills of 2012?

The continuing explosion in the app economy is driving specific skills shortages among the European IT community, according to new insights from freelancer marketplace twago.

According to analysis of projects executed across its service, Europe’s most wanted IT skills in 2012 were PHP, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript and HTML5.  

“The app economy has created new professions in the last couple of years,” says Gunnar Berning, CEO of twago. “The need for qualified app...

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Apptrace takes the pain out of app review insight with sentiment analysis

Mobile analytics firm Adeven has unveiled a new feature of its free Apptrace service that allows developers to track the sentiment of reviews on their iOS apps from within App Store.

Their complex algorithms are capable of analysing millions of reviews a day, providing daily statistical feedback. The platform currently measures three metrics, which it gleans from the language of user reviews. These criteria are positivity, addictiveness and crash complaints.

The platform is totally free for developers to use,...

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Zapstreak: Your new favourite media streaming SDK?

Polish firm Zapstreak has unleashed its mobile SDK for live media streaming upon the world of Android app development.

With a lengthy 6 months beta phase now at its end, the SDK offers developers Airplay-like functionality between Android devices and a range of other wifi enabled media gadgetry.

Zapstreak’s use of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), now widely used among TV manufacturers, allows easy sharing of digital content between mobiles and...

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Twilio: How to make friends and influence developers

Cloud telecoms communication pioneers Twilio aren’t just bringing their messaging and voice APIs to Europe, they’re bringing their personable, evangelist-based community engagement approach too.

If you follow what goes on in Silicon Valley, you’ll be aware of Twilio. A US start-up that's made waves across the telecoms and cloud communications space providing cloud APIs for developers and businesses to integrate SMS, VoIP and voice calls into mobile, web and desktop...

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Mike Lee: The most important minute of your life [VIDEO]

After almost a year of touch work on his non-profit developer ecosystem project Appsterdam, World’s Toughest Programmer Mike Lee paid Apps World a visit in October to deliver a rousing motivational presentation.

Never one to shirk the opportunity to get his point across, Lee delivered one of the most engaging presentations of the conference, touching on the work he’s put in to getting Appsterdam off the ground and dealing out a heap of unflinching advice on how to approach...

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Can you design a new Android experience for mWomen?

GSMA is offering developers and digital designers a rare chance to put their skills to work at the lower end of the global scale, by coming up with ways to improve smartphone user experience for women in some of the world’s poorer countries.

The GSMA mWomen Design Challenge invites designers, programmers and innovators, teams and individuals, to consider the user experience of resource- poor women to re-imagine a smartphone’s core user interface to be more...

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TomTom launches digital mapping developer platform

Digital mapping firm TomTom has launched a Location Based Services (LBS) Platform and Developer Portal to allow developers to harness its location technology for web and mobile app creation.

The company has long been one of the leaders in the field, providing maps, navigation and traffic information to all sorts of devices and interfaces for over 20 years. It provides mapping for some of the leaders in mobile, names like RIM, Apple and HTC.

However, the increasing power of mapping and navigation services that...

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UK teenager launches Summly with backing from billionaires and celebs

A London teenager has become the latest talented young developer to hit the big time, with technology he created to help him with his school studies.

Summly, created by 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio, pulls in news from hundreds of sources around the internet. Nothing amazing about that, you might think. But the clever part is how it extracts key points and compiles a 400 character summary using an algorithm based on natural language processing and machine translation.

D’Aloisio says he created the...

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Cow's backside and thieving monkeys among weirdest phone insurance claims

A farmer who lost his smartphone up the wrong end of a cow and a man who had his handset stolen by monkeys are two of the people who have appeared on a list of bizarre insurance claims for lost or broken phones.

The team at UK phone insurance website MobileInsurance.co.uk filtered through their claim data from the last year to reveal what they deemed to be the weirdest claims, all of which were fully investigated.

Interestingly, their data involved details of over 60 people who...

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Play Store introduces try-before-you-buy on in-app subscriptions

Google has introduced a new feature to the Play store that allows developers to offer users trial access to in-app subscription content before they buy it.

Users will have the opportunity to sample the content for a period of time set by the developer, minimum seven days.

The user has to first purchase the content, but at a price of £00.00. Access is then free until the users cancels, or until the end of trial period, at which point the billing system kicks in, charging to a card that the user was...

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Appsters Awards 2012: Great night for UK developers

DeveloperTech took part in the first ever Appsters Awards in London this week, with a glitzy central London venue and 12 industry awards handed out in front of a crowd that constituted the who’s who of the apps industry.

With a shortlist of over 70 nominees, Awards were handed out across 12 categories, including Best Consumer App [London 2012], Best Entertainment App [BBC Olympics app], Best Use of Geo-Location [Tube Map] and App Developer 2012 [Mubaloo].

We were involved in the panel of expert industry...

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6 tips on being an effective freelance developer #AppsWorld

The developer tracks at Apps World have been really busy over the last couple of days. This afternoon we caught a really interesting panel discussion on how to be an effective freelance developer. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from the panel.

The first and most logical question, is freelancing for you? Ask yourself honestly. Are you willing to sell yourself and fight to win a client? Are you happy working on your own with no one to back you up? Can you deal with perhaps not knowing where the money for next...

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AQuA to launch Quality App Directory at #AppsWorld

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) is announcing the launch of the Quality App Directory, its newest initiative next week at Apps World in London on 2-3 October. It’s calling for Android developers to get involved, demonstrating the quality of their apps by implementing a recommended set of testing criteria and adding their apps to the directory.

The directory will constitute a kind of kite mark for quality, so inclusion will be a mark of respectability for...

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Taking the FT web app to Windows 8: Jim Cresswell, FTLabs #AppsWorld

Ask people to name a successful web app and, maybe eight out of ten times, they’ll mention the FT’s HTML5 app.

Deployed in the summer of 2011, the app became the first from a major brand to shun the various app stores and offer their users a tailored brand experience through a browser, across a tablet, smartphone or PC, using a single log-in and a single subscription.

DeveloperTech caught up with Jim Cresswell, one of the top Web App Developers at FTLabs,...

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