Mandated BYOD by 2017: The end of internal tech support?

BYOD is the buzzword in business IT at the moment, but is there more to it than just easily spouted rhetoric by a few industry influencers?

A study by Gartner would suggest there is. It predicts that 38% of organisations will stop providing mobile devices to employees by 2016 and 50% will mandate a BYOD policy by 2017. That’s a significant enough portion of organisations for IT professionals to stand up and take notice.

So what does this mean for the tech side of businesses? On our

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Biggest challenges faced by new managers

Landing your first management role is an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll have more responsibility, more power and more money. You’ll be given more freedom to act on your own decisions too.

It’s not all a bed of roses though. Management can be a tough and grueling profession whatever the industry, and one which needs to be fully understood and prepared for in order to succeed.

Coming on our

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Classic icon designs – time for a change?

Skeuomorphism is, according to Wikipedia, “a physical ornament or design on an object made to resemble another material or technique.” It’s a somewhat controversial design technique that has been around for centuries.

In terms of web and mobile design, skeuomorphism is most commonly referred to in terms of icons or even apps and software which use representational design elements that possess little or no functionality. You can learn all about skeuomorphism on our 

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Is the Mobile Patent War Finally Coming to an End?

In the fast-growing market of smartphone and tablet software development, big companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Motorola and Samsung have been rushing to patent software that they have not yet developed. When another company comes along with that software, legal action is taken to stop them selling their products.

Last year we wrote about the law suit over patents by Motorola where they stopped imports of iPhones and iPads by Apple to Germany.

The saga’s been back in the

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Customising E-Commerce Sites For All Mobile Devices

With the number of new portable and mobile devices being used to access the web on the rise, web developers have to be able to cater for all of these to create successful e-commerce sites. This guest post explores some of the main features of e-commerce sites that need to be cross-compatible and ubiquitous across devices to ensure success, showing why full Mobile Development Training,

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The Google Update – Search Plus Your World

In a move to provide its users with more customised and personal search results, Google have launched their new “Search Plus Your World” feature to their enormously popular search engine.

The new features, which are currently only available on in English but are being rolled out globally, takes a far more social stance on the search, offering custom search results which displays content from your Google+ network as well as global results. You can use Google Search Plus Your World...

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