How mobile is changing software testing

Jennifer Lent is the site editor for TechTarget’s She is a treasure trove of mobile application dev and testing news. If you have some time to kill and want to learn more about the rise of mobile and how it’s changing companies and their development approaches (particularly in enterprise) go through her archives.

In the meantime, here’s a look at four major changes mobile has forced upon the...

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Study shows huge Android adoption in Chinese market [infographic]

Android accounts for 86% of all new smartphones in China, with the Asian country having three times as many Droid users as the US.

These were the key takeaways from new research by Chinese startup Wandoujia, with the highlights being published in an infographic.

According to Wandoujia the Chinese market is predominantly freemium, with developers in the main relying on in-app purchasing for remuneration, yet the ecosystem is growing at a frightening pace.

A report from analytics experts Flurry

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Google Glass and the wearable computing revolution

Go back far enough and any major development in how we handle data seemed like it would never catch on. Computers? Those are the size of large rooms. How are you going to fill an office with those? Tablets? We’d had abortive attempts before, but the announcement of the iPad was greeted with scepticism. Now the talk is that the next big deal will be Google Glass, which will bring all the mobile information services that Google provides through...

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Android tablets to move further ahead of iPads in 2013, says IDC

There’s change afoot in the tablet market, according to the International Data Corporation. Android-powered tablets, currently shipping in greater numbers than its iOS counterparts, will surge further ahead by 2017.

Similarly, the overall number of tablets shipped will increase: IDC has moved up its prediction for the global market from 172.4m units to 190.9m by the year’s end.

Android is predicted to have 48.8% market share by the end of 2013, with iOS behind at 46%. However by 2017, these...

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New Android malware infects 620,000 Chinese users

NQ Mobile, a mobile security provider, has revealed a new form of Android malware, called ‘Bill Shocker’, which has infected 620,000 Chinese Droid users.

The threat carried by the malware was SMS spamming from victims’ phones, remote control of devices and collecting personal information, and in various cases subverting users’ text contract quotas, leading to further charges.

The malware was found using NQ Mobile’s RiskRanker cloud scanning engine. NQ Mobile has issued an alert...

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RIM changes name to BlackBerry as BB10 unveiled worldwide

It was first announced back in 2011, was expected to be launched in 2012, but its various setbacks meant that 2013 was the earliest time a rollout of BlackBerry 10 could be expected.

And the BB10 launch today, simultaneously in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, New York, Paris and Toronto, threw up a few surprises as well as some expected features.

The key pieces of news following the BlackBerry 10 launch were:

  • Research in Motion changes its company name to BlackBerry, in order to promote a single brand theme
  • Two smartphones are unveiled: the Q10, with the BlackBerry trademark...

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Preview Firefox OS smartphones released to developers

Mozilla has announced that its long-awaited Firefox OS smartphones are available as a preview to developers, ramping up the open source evangelist’s mobile push.

As reported by DeveloperTech in July, the Firefox OS replaced the ‘Boot 2 Gecko’ project and utilises HTML5, and is being developed by Geeksphone in partnership with Telefonica.

Mozilla outlines three reasons why developers should build apps on its nascent OS:

  • Keeping the web open – particularly on mobile
  • Simplicity –...

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Enterprise: Why MAM is more than simply an MDM add-on

About a week ago, I felt compelled to comment on a Channel Partners article authored by Hyoun Park, Making Sense of Mobile Life Cycle Management.

It was an informative piece, and its emphasis on developing an app management strategy was spot on. The aspect of Hyoun’s article I took issue with was, in my opinion, an incomplete explanation of Mobile Application Management. While he provided welcome detail on many of its advantages, in the context of the...

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BB10 dev alpha handsets appear on eBay

Can’t wait a full four weeks for BlackBerry 10 to arrive? Have somewhere in the region of $1000 (£613) to spend? Well fear not, as eBay may have the answer.

As reported initially by CrackBerry, the online auction site has a few BB10 dev alpha devices on show, rarer than hen’s teeth and something of a second prize with actual BB10 phones not available and the official launch date set for January 30.

Of course it’s worth stressing that selling something with a big ‘not for...

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Smartphone sales - a three year comparison [infographic]

Smartphone device sales tell us about the popularity of these devices.

Forget the fact whether it’s Apple ruling the roost, or Android, or whether BlackBerry is able to make a dent, what needs to be celebrated is the sheer number of devices sold. But, figures do matter as no company is in this business for charity. They want to make a killing at the gates and they need to go one up over their competitors if they want their brand to survive.

This is why we have come up with an infographic that takes...

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Mobile trends 2013: Wallets, coupons and mobile shopping research

As we zoom towards 2013, we thought we’d ask mobile experts the world over what surprised them about the past year, what they expected in the coming year and what they think needs a bit more attention. Today’s interview is with David Wachs of ePrize.

What surprised you about the mobile advertising industry in the past year?

I think the number one surprise in the mobile marketing industry this year was the number of QR codes that led to non-mobile friendly sites. While we expect these numbers to decrease in...

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TV apps: The developer dilemma reloded

By Stefan Bielau, co-founder, Zapstreak

The growth in popularity of SMART TV and the connected home presents a chance for mobile app developers to gain a competitive advantage over their competition. However, this opportunity also brings with it a number of obstacles with it:

  • Lack of cross platform SDK taking mobile apps to the TV screen (iOS, Android, WP)
  • Connectivity - huge fragmentation due to proliferation of SMART TV models
  • Money - do this cost and time effectively 

After having conquered the various mobile...

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Zapstreak: Your new favourite media streaming SDK?

Polish firm Zapstreak has unleashed its mobile SDK for live media streaming upon the world of Android app development.

With a lengthy 6 months beta phase now at its end, the SDK offers developers Airplay-like functionality between Android devices and a range of other wifi enabled media gadgetry.

Zapstreak’s use of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), now widely used among TV manufacturers, allows easy sharing of digital content between mobiles and...

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RIM offers live developer support in run up to BB10

As part of an ongoing shift to get developers onside for BlackBerry 10, RIM is putting forward plans to have 18 hours of developer support per week on various developer forums.

The websites involved in RIM’s plan include cross-platform app developers Marmalade and HTML5-based app developers Sencha.

“One thing we heard over and over again was that developers loved getting almost instant responses to their questions from one of the many members of our Developer Relations team,”

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What you need to know to program for Ouya

Guide to programming for OUYA

In December the Ouya SDK ,known as the Ouya Development Kit or Ouya SDK will be released. We've gathered the latest facts, information and guidance that potential Ouya programmers will need to make their venture into the soon to be released Android powered console successful.
Overview of the Ouya capabilities
The console is based on Android Jellybean with the...

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Flexible and unbreakable smartphones: Just a new buzz word?

This Brave New World continues to impress us with the sophisticated solutions that help streamline the global innovation process. As the battle for dominance in the smartphone and tablet market becomes tougher, mobile device makers are now focusing on differentiating their products in order to increase profit margins and market share in the lucrative fast growing markets.

As a way to reach this goal, some are currently putting money and efforts into improving design and usability of mobile devices by making...

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BlackBerry 10 to be launched on January 30, RIM announces

The launch date of the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 will be on January 30 2013, Research in Motion has announced.

The launch event will occur “simultaneously in multiple countries around the world”, according to a BB blog, and will introduce both the device and the BlackBerry 10 platform.

“In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs,” said RIM CEO Thorsten Heins in a press release.

“Thanks to our...

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Cow's backside and thieving monkeys among weirdest phone insurance claims

A farmer who lost his smartphone up the wrong end of a cow and a man who had his handset stolen by monkeys are two of the people who have appeared on a list of bizarre insurance claims for lost or broken phones.

The team at UK phone insurance website filtered through their claim data from the last year to reveal what they deemed to be the weirdest claims, all of which were fully investigated.

Interestingly, their data involved details of over 60 people who...

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