BlackBerry puts BBM into Samsung devices: What will happen from here?

According to a press release picked up by N4BB, Samsung’s African division has announced that BlackBerry’s BBM messaging software is going to find its way onto selected Android devices.

This isn’t going to be a unique instance, of course – it’s been long rumoured and expected that BBM will make its way onto Android and iOS. The dates have been a little on the vague side though; last month, BB’s India MD Sunil Lalvani

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BlackBerry 10.2 to support Android Jelly Bean apps

Along with BlackBerry Playbook OS v2 arrived support for the library of Android applications with one fairly major limitation; they had to be specifically packaged for ‘Gingerbread’.

An upcoming BlackBerry OS update, 10.2, will finally provide support for ‘Jelly Bean’.

The runtime, which was released today, now contains support for Fragments, hardware acceleration, plenty more...

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Bringing your app to BlackBerry or Windows Phone: Lessons learned from Android

As the size of the mobile apps market grows larger, big names continue to enter the space or refine their current presence. That’s not just app developers, of course, but the platforms and operating systems that house those great apps, too.

In the last few months alone, two formerly major platform owners (Microsoft and BlackBerry) completely refined their mobile presence, while another underground favorite (Ubuntu) will soon enter mobile with an enthusiast fan base behind them.

For developers, the...

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BlackBerry gives developers red Z10 reward

BlackBerry still loves its developers, it seems.

Having released the BlackBerry 10 operating system on January 30 alongside the Q10 and Z10 models, the Canadian manufacturer has released 12,000 limited edition red Z10 devices  to developers for “taking a leap of faith”.

BB10 VP of developer relations Alec Saunders posted a blog, entitled ‘Thank you Developers!’, waxing lyrical to all the devs who have worked on the most...

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RIM changes name to BlackBerry as BB10 unveiled worldwide

It was first announced back in 2011, was expected to be launched in 2012, but its various setbacks meant that 2013 was the earliest time a rollout of BlackBerry 10 could be expected.

And the BB10 launch today, simultaneously in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, New York, Paris and Toronto, threw up a few surprises as well as some expected features.

The key pieces of news following the BlackBerry 10 launch were:

  • Research in Motion changes its company name to BlackBerry, in order to promote a single brand theme
  • Two smartphones are unveiled: the Q10, with the BlackBerry trademark...

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Licensing BB10 could be on the cards, says Heins

With the launch of BlackBerry 10 just over a week away on January 30, there have been plenty of updates from Research in Motion about the new OS, as well as the usual leaks and conjecture.

And in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has spoken of how licensing the operating system to other manufacturers can happen in theory.

Using Google Translate from German, Heins said: “Before you license the software, you must show that the platform has a large potential.


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BB10 dev alpha handsets appear on eBay

Can’t wait a full four weeks for BlackBerry 10 to arrive? Have somewhere in the region of $1000 (£613) to spend? Well fear not, as eBay may have the answer.

As reported initially by CrackBerry, the online auction site has a few BB10 dev alpha devices on show, rarer than hen’s teeth and something of a second prize with actual BB10 phones not available and the official launch date set for January 30.

Of course it’s worth stressing that selling something with a big ‘not for...

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Smartphone sales - a three year comparison [infographic]

Smartphone device sales tell us about the popularity of these devices.

Forget the fact whether it’s Apple ruling the roost, or Android, or whether BlackBerry is able to make a dent, what needs to be celebrated is the sheer number of devices sold. But, figures do matter as no company is in this business for charity. They want to make a killing at the gates and they need to go one up over their competitors if they want their brand to survive.

This is why we have come up with an infographic that takes...

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RIM offers live developer support in run up to BB10

As part of an ongoing shift to get developers onside for BlackBerry 10, RIM is putting forward plans to have 18 hours of developer support per week on various developer forums.

The websites involved in RIM’s plan include cross-platform app developers Marmalade and HTML5-based app developers Sencha.

“One thing we heard over and over again was that developers loved getting almost instant responses to their questions from one of the many members of our Developer Relations team,”

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BlackBerry 10 to be launched on January 30, RIM announces

The launch date of the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 will be on January 30 2013, Research in Motion has announced.

The launch event will occur “simultaneously in multiple countries around the world”, according to a BB blog, and will introduce both the device and the BlackBerry 10 platform.

“In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs,” said RIM CEO Thorsten Heins in a press release.

“Thanks to our...

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BB10 devs to get $10,000 if their app is good enough

Research in Motion (RIM) unveils its “10k Developer Commitment”, which guarantees devs $10,000 (£6,300) if their BB10 app is successful enough.

According to the commitment rules, once developers get an app approved through the Built for BlackBerry program – which is RIM’s standard for high quality and performance – if it makes $1,000 (£630) through BlackBerry’s App World or through the payment SDK, RIM will round it up to $10,000.

RIM purportedly sees $10,000 as...

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IDC: Android powers 68.1% of all smartphones shipped

Android ploughs on according to IDC, but hold fire: didn’t the same people say Android would hit its peak this year?

Android holds a “commanding” market share of smartphones shipped globally in this year’s second quarter, with 68.1% - or 104.8 million – of the 154m worldwide smartphone shipments using an Android OS.

According to International Data Center (IDC) research, Android’s sizeable market share can be traced back to the hold of Samsung, which accounted for 44% of all...

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RIM considered moving to Android before BB10, says Heins

RIM chief Thorsten Heins has admitted that the Canadian manufacturer had looked “seriously” at moving to Android before embarking on BlackBerry 10.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Heins spoke of BB10 - which is due at the beginning of next year after development delays - and the possibility the delay may do good in the long run.

“We have to place one bet and make it right,” Heins explained, adding: “We don’t want to go for an intermediate step. [BB10] comes out in the...

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RIM to feature Siri-esque assistant for BB10?

It’s been delayed until the start of next year, but Research in Motion will be betting that a personal assistant will hope boost the sales of the fledgling BlackBerry 10.

Videos and reports have been released of what appears to be a very alpha-stage voice controlled programme on the BB10 Dev Alpha device.

According to the CrackBerry forums, the assistant is able to open browsers, play music and make appointments, but so far...

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