Myth busting mobile application management (MAM)

There’s a half-truth blazing its way through the enterprise mobility marketplace. Organizations are being told, by vendors who are at best uninformed and at worst being dishonest, that having an app store means you have MAM.

This deception needs to end, now.

Mobile application management is not merely the standing up of a customized app store, advantageous as that may be. Mobile application management is a systems-management view of enterprise mobile apps. It encompasses deployment, configuration,...

By Jim Casey, 06 February 2013, 1 comment. Categories: Enterprise.

Is it time for a single standardised web browser?

A recent study by Forrester Research has made the case for a single standardised web browser for internet users. The argument for this is that there are hidden costs involved in having multiple non-standardised browsers.

Of the 113 IT professionals who were surveyed, nearly all of them (96%) said they standardise on a single browser for use on work PC’s. Enterprises are now deciding whether to support non-standard browsers as the report suggests it can be costly. According to the firms which offered a multiple...

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Enterprise: Why MAM is more than simply an MDM add-on

About a week ago, I felt compelled to comment on a Channel Partners article authored by Hyoun Park, Making Sense of Mobile Life Cycle Management.

It was an informative piece, and its emphasis on developing an app management strategy was spot on. The aspect of Hyoun’s article I took issue with was, in my opinion, an incomplete explanation of Mobile Application Management. While he provided welcome detail on many of its advantages, in the context of the...

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Enterprise apps are where the money is in 2013

Many are calling 2013 the year of enterprise apps. A quick google search reveals a host of articles echoing that proclamation. It’s one we welcome because we’ve seen it evolving rapidly toward this point for the past two years.

Typical of prediction wisdom, we’ll be the first to say that this insight is half right.

Welcoming enterprise apps is, for us, like...

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Windows Phone dev revenues up 100% after WP8 release

A tweet from Todd Grix, the senior developer of the Windows Phone Apps Team, has revealed that Microsoft developer revenue and app downloads have gone up 100% since the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Grix noted (below): “If you build it, they will come.” This might be a little bit optimistic given previous Windows Phone adoption figures, but it appears the future is looking a little brighter for Microsoft.

If IDC figures are anything to go by, Windows Phone has been on something of a slump after a...

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HTML5 boom brings multiple OS mix to boil

Results of a survey from Sencha have revealed that the majority of companies polled think that dev skills in Web technologies are a more vital skill than native development skills.

Just over two thirds of companies (68%) polled – comprising 1400 mobile developers, managers and corporate execs – stated that their best skills in development were in the likes of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS rather than iOS (14%) and Android (13%) native development.

This aligns with a number of prevalent HTML5 trends; not least the...

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How to rescue a project that is in trouble

All projects face issues. Often times the way you resolve those issues will be the difference project failure and project success. Here are some ways to rescue your project when the wind blows your way!

Talk your team about prioritizing features together with specifications.

This will allow you to put the less important items last thereby minimizing your risk of not meeting the deadline. Eliminate any features or functionality that they live without until after the project deadline.

Increase resources


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Global app development to hit £5.7bn in 2012

A report from IT analysts Gartner has revealed the global app development market will overtake £5.7 billion ($9bn) by the end of 2012.

Asheesh Raina, Gartner principal research analyst, said: “Application modernisation and increasing agility will continue to be a solid driver for AD spending, apart from other emerging dynamics of cloud, mobility and social computing”.

Gartner decreed evolving software delivery models, new development methodologies, emerging mobile application development and open source...

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Deutsche Telekom wants your M2M app dev skills

Deutsche Telekom has launched a new developer portal for devs specialising in M2M communication, ‘the internet of things’.

The new community, part of the company’s existing Developer Garden initiative, offers a number of useful tools, APIs and SDKs, which it says will ‘quickly and easily’ allow developers to build and sell M2M applications.

Enmeshing everyday systems and appliances into the internet of things is seen as a natural...

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What's getting devs all excited about Windows 8?

Windows 8 appears to have gone down very well with enterprise app developers, according to a new piece of research from IDC and Appcelerator.

In its latest quarterly study, Appcelerator reported that almost a third of developers said they were interested in creating apps for Windows 8 in the near future; interesting numbers for a product not yet even commercially available.

Over 43% of respondents described Microsoft’s new Metro...

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Three keys to being found in Google Play

There’s a lot of talk about improving your ranking in Google Play, and that’s not a bad thing to be concerned about, but the talk forgets something very important.

Most people aren’t browsing categories; they’re searching for a specific app or type of app. 75% of users who enter Google Play and end up downloading an app get to that app through searching, not browsing.


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PhoneGap follow-through — the URL vs. mobile app download debate

A few months back (shoot, it was actually last year!) I talked about PhoneGap and how it is stepping in as a good solution for cross-platform HTML5 frustration. Since then, I get asked a couple of times a week about PhoneGap, its industry perception, and effectiveness.

I have to report that PhoneGap is still very much the 900-pound gorilla of enterprise mobile app dev, providing a smart option for developers...

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eBay speaks up “third wave” of retail technology

Interactive TV will become a vital part of shoppers’ lives by the end of 2014 alongside image recognition and augmented reality, a report claims.

The report from Conlumino, commissioned by eBay, claims that as a result of “a third wave of technological revolution", each of the 10 largest UK retailers would have additional sales of £235m.

The research notes increased development in image recognition software, in particular utilising quick response (QR) codes to...

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Chelsea Apps Factory: Huge market for enterprise apps

The market for enterprise apps is huge, and we’re still only in the foothills of the industry’s development, according to the founder and CEO of Chelsea Apps Factory (CAF) Mike Anderson.

Having already delivered high profile enterprise and consumer apps for companies including RBS, Vodafone, CNBC and Robert Walters and Deloitte Digital, the apps consultancy and development house has announced a number of key appointments.  

Mike Altendorf, founder of...

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