“There’s never been a better time to do a tech startup“ - Sean Kane, F6S co-founder

DeveloperTech spoke to the co-founder of tech start-up social network, F6S, about how they help these important new companies get on their feet and stand-out amongst competition from larger, more-established businesses.

The most enticing aspect of the network – and one which undoubtedly drives its mighty growth – is its price tag; or lack of. Free to join; F6S not only offers promotion to Startups – but Hackathons, Events, Conferences, Accelerators, Jobs, and Angel...

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Getting developers and IT operations working together

Today’s business leaders want more innovation, faster. They know that, in order to beat competitors and continue to thrive, their organisation must excel in bringing new products and services to market at speed and on consistently exceeding customer expectations.

That puts major pressure on those responsible for developing and delivering new and enhanced software functionality for the business to use.

More frequent releases and shorter deadlines are increasingly becoming facts of life, but in the race...

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Amazon blazes forward with new FireOS and Kindle HD(X) devices

As a business which profits from content; Amazon, like Google, want their services in as many hands as possible – that’s why the companies sell subsidized devices such as the ‘Kindle’ and ‘Nexus’ lines (respectively) at a great value accessible to most.

Over the holiday launch period in late-2011; the original Kindle Fire HD shipped 1.2 million devices, placing the tablet in third place behind hardware heavyweights Apple and Samsung – gradually slipping as the gift...

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UK’s lead mobile development firm launches The Responsive Website Company

Your favourite publication may not be responsive yet – watch this space - but the inevitability is any website worth their two cents will be utilising responsive designs over the next few years.

Clifton-based The Responsive Website Company is priming itself to be at the forefront of development.

TRW is a sister company of mobile development firm Mubaloo. As the UK’s leader of this field; the company has already proven its worth.

Featuring clients including Channel 4, Sky, Samsung, Lovefilm, NHS,...

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Email providers struggle with privacy, is Kim Dotcom to the rescue?

A new day presents another opportunity to mention Edward Snowden - this time regarding email privacy. Alongside today’s scathing Gmail revelations, and many encrypted services closing their virtual doors - is it possible to have a secure email service?

Last month, Lavabit, the encrypted email service which was used by Snowdon - the infamous US whistleblower – had shut down; causing many to follow suit including TorMail and Silent Mail.

Whilst these services are popular with those looking to hide their online...

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How do you know if your home grown licensing is broken?

Many software producers and intelligent device manufacturers develop and use their own in-house licensing models for provisioning and entitlement management of their products by end user organisations.

While they do the job, do you know the signs suggesting that perhaps your home-grown software licensing system may be broken? If not, read on!

- Your CTO says to his team, "Run, Forrest run" when you ask him to make changes to the license key generator.  Homegrown licence key generators are often...

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Experience prized over academia for startups - but does the UK offer it?

One of the UK’s leading internet companies, Moonfruit, has published research which shows 81% of startups prefer to look towards experience rather than academic achievements such as degrees.

But the real question is - do the experience and skills exist?

According to the research, 47% of employers take more notice of relevant work experience which displays the necessary skills, rather than formal education which has been criticised as not giving the full-range of required knowledge...

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Keynote CEO Umang Gupta on HTML5 and a “pragmatic” philosophy

Umang Gupta, CEO and president of mobile monitoring and testing provider Keynote Systems, speaks to DeveloperTech about Keynote’s latest product launch, cultivating your business plan around as many customers as possible and why he’s a big proponent of HTML5 in the long run.

Keynote Systems has launched DeviceAnywhere Enterprise 6, a product designed to help make testing more efficient for its enterprise customers through a cloud-based model of real devices.

The solution combines two innovative...

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Oracle looking to improve Java security

Oracle’s Java, in its current form, is hardly the most secure of platforms. With huge breaches and exploits seemingly every week; the firm is looking to improve security.

The latest tactic by cybercriminals tricks users into running malicious code through a “signed” applet.


A website belonging to Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany was the latest found to be infected with the “g01pack”...

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Mandated BYOD by 2017: The end of internal tech support?

BYOD is the buzzword in business IT at the moment, but is there more to it than just easily spouted rhetoric by a few industry influencers?

A study by Gartner would suggest there is. It predicts that 38% of organisations will stop providing mobile devices to employees by 2016 and 50% will mandate a BYOD policy by 2017. That’s a significant enough portion of organisations for IT professionals to stand up and take notice.

So what does this mean for the tech side of businesses? On our

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Biggest challenges faced by new managers

Landing your first management role is an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ll have more responsibility, more power and more money. You’ll be given more freedom to act on your own decisions too.

It’s not all a bed of roses though. Management can be a tough and grueling profession whatever the industry, and one which needs to be fully understood and prepared for in order to succeed.

Coming on our

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Is China the biggest cyber security threat?

Directly from Akamai Technologies’ latest “State of the Internet” Quarterly report, China appears to be the origin of 41 percent of all computer-attack traffic.

However, appearances can be deceiving, there is potential for other countries to be posing as an IP originating from China; when in fact they could be from Britain, Russia, Germany, or the reports second most...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part 4

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

What do you want to be known for? Do you want to carry around a resume of things you’ve done? Or do you want your fingerprints all over awesome achievements on the internet that speak for themselves?

Is your resume a flat dead tree recounting old software monuments of yore? Or do you have a digital graph of amazing projects you’ve worked on and are proud of? What will they think about you before you walk into your next job interview?


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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part 3

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

Let’s face it. Most of you reading this are probably early adopters. You carry a very smart phone, you’re all over social media, and you’ve got some awesome apps you use every day. Does your work experience reflect your personal outlook on technology? Are you trying out new apps, new dev tooling, or new services? Are you allowed to?

Part three of my series: ‘four tough questions enterprise developers should ask themselves when...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part 2

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

Every day, I look around and the world seems to move quicker. Events, news, commentary – it all happens on Twitter before BBC or CNN can even edit the tape. But the world isn’t just moving faster, it’s moving in parallel. A colleague of mine told me he keeps a mobile phone and iPad handy when he watches TV – which is on just for sound in the background.

Does your company move this fast? Does your company have a relentless drive...

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How to monetize enterprise apps with SAP

One of the key sessions around enterprise apps at Apps World North America was SAP’s Thorsten Leiduck in the enterprise track.  Leiduck is VP Platform Ecosystem & eChannels at SAP, and during the session delved into the strategies and tools for the monetization of enterprise apps. You can download a podcast of his presentation from Apps World for free here.

For firms, developers and mobility...

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Tough questions for enterprise developers who want to get ahead: Part One

By Adam Seligman, VP Developer Relations at Salesforce.com

The tech industry is once again at a turning point. We've moved from a world of monolithic applications to lightweight, contextual, social and mobile apps. Apps, not applications. Apps in your pocket, connected to back-end services and data with user context, integrated into the social graph.

Java and .NET developers represent the biggest pool of developers, but enterprise application-development practices too often have them stuck in the...

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