Most smartphone users too tight to pay for apps

The meteoric rise in the popularity of apps has not translated into spending behaviour with users, new research has confirmed.

Over 70% of smartphone users spend little or nothing on mobile apps, according to US analyst firm ABI Research, with the top-spending 3% of users generating 20% of app revenue.

Among these paying users, the mean spend was $14 per month. However, the median amount among the consumers who spend money on apps is much lower than that average, just $7.50 per month.

“This reflects the...

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Tapjoy launches $5m Asian developer support fund

Tapjoy, the mobile monetisation and ad platform has announced a $5m fund aimed at supporting developers throughout Asia creating and marketing free-to-play Android and iOS gaming apps.

The Tapjoy Asia Fund will offer cash, advice and marketing support to both new and established developers.

The scheme offers access to working capital, access to Tapjoy’s ad platform and the use of advertising marketplace, both for monetisation and user acquisition....

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Betfair opens its sports betting API to developers

Online bookmaker Betfair has launched “App Cloud”, opening up its API to allow developers to create their own betting apps and online widgets by hooking in to its lucrative Betfair sports exchange platform.

Iconic soccer club Manchester United has been the first to go live with the system, offering visitors to its website the opportunity to register with Betfair and place bets seamlessly from within the site.

Currently, third party interfaces operating off...

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Using a Guest Post to Promote Your App

One way to get attention for an app is to post a guest post on someone else’s blog. It’s not difficult to do. The basic process is this:

  • Find a blog that posts related material.
  • Approach the blog owner and offer them a post that adds value.
  • Write a post that fits the blog’s style and purpose.
  • Send it to them.
  • That sounds very easy, but there are a lot of complications in the process. First, you’ll want to do a lot of research to find blogs that are related to your...

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    Will Amazon's in-app purchasing API entice developers?

    Amazon has rolled out its in-app purchasing API and subscription functionality for Kindle Fire and Android developers.

    The new API will allow developers to offer digital content and subscriptions--such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and magazine issues--for purchase within apps. Amazon will take a classic 30% cut of revenues.

    The announcement will be welcomed by developers who, a year after the launch of Amazon App Store which runs on the new Kindle Fire and Android devices, have found...

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    Infographic: Making it big with Android Apps

    Most app makers are really interested in making a lot of money fast, and unfortunately, as the market gets more and more saturated with apps, getting rich quickly is becoming more and more difficult. Even making a reasonable profit from an app is getting more complicated. Take heart, though. There is also an upside.

    Inneractive explains it very well in this infographic, which first appeared on GigaOm on March 28, 2012.

    So here’s what they’re saying, based on...

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    How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

    Netflix offers me the film Lethal Weapon because I like 48 Hours, or recommends the TV program Burn Notice because I like Mad Men and Arrested Development. The predictions are sometimes pretty close to the mark, sometimes seriously off-target, but usually entertaining.


    In contrast, MOG thinks, “Since...

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    WAC announces HTML5 carrier billing API #MWC12

    At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, WAC has announced a number of initiatives set to drive forward the adoption of HTML5 and, in the process, claw back some measure of control for its operator members from the over the top app services which have chipped away at their direct relationship with end users.

    Announcing the launch of a new in app billing API designed around HTML5, WAC CEO Peters Suh said that the organisation wanted to remove the friction at both the OS...

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    Android apps are too expensive, say analysts

    Paid for apps available through Android Market are overpriced, according to industry analysts, to the extent that the pricing is upsetting the balance of the industry.

    Canalys, the smart market insight specialist, reported that the top paid Android apps are dramatically more expensive that their Apple App Store equivalent. In the US, for instance, the top 100 iPhone apps would set you back $147, while the top 100 list on Android stings you for a whopping $374.37, an average of $3.74 per app.

    The top 10 or 20...

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    Customising E-Commerce Sites For All Mobile Devices

    With the number of new portable and mobile devices being used to access the web on the rise, web developers have to be able to cater for all of these to create successful e-commerce sites. This guest post explores some of the main features of e-commerce sites that need to be cross-compatible and ubiquitous across devices to ensure success, showing why full Mobile Development Training,

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    Why 2011 was the year of app monetisation

    Everyone does it so why fight the trend. Reviewing the previous year as the “The Year of something or some other,” is almost mandatory nowadays – so as 2012 begins we take a look at the last 12 months.

    The year started out with predictions for the “Year of the App” or “The Year of the Smartphone”. Both are true, but in reality, 2010 was the year that both began to dominate the mobile market.

    What really changed in 2011 was that app developers started to make money...

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    Breaking Into The Android Top 10

    Everyone wants to break in to the top ten of the Android app store. It's one of the most coveted positions because it shows other users just how good your app is.

    It also increases visibility, which leads to more downloads, which leads to more revenue.

    So, the question I'm often asked is: "how many downloads do I need to get to hit the Android top ten?"

    The answer is simple.... It's just 17.

    Of course, that's only if you want to be in the top ten paid-for cookery widgets in the Tuvalu app store. Have a bit...

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    2012 — The Enterprise Mobile App Grows Up?

    We’re basing that assessment not only on what we do (though that makes sense from the perspective of gratuitous self-promotion, don’t you think?) but also because we’ve been clocking some great feedback and participating in so many conversations reinforcing that notion.

    When we were at the last MoDevEast Hackathon, which we recently raved about, profiled, and

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    App developers earn more with Apple than Android

    Apple has brought in the most money that is spent on applications, despite Android grabbing over half of smartphone market share.

    This is according to a report by Piper Jaffrey, which found Apple's iOS hitting between 85-90% in gross revenue, compared to Google's Android that reached 7% out of the amount that App Store took since its release.

    Over $3.4 billion was earned by...

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    Visa rolls out new resources to boost payment app development

    Summary: Visa announces both its new Development Center with tools for developers to create payment applications along with a new acceptance mark.

    Visa evidently wants to get as many e-commerce and mobile payment applications out the door as possible, made clear by the launch of the new Visa Developer Center.

    The online resource center is primarily designed to offer developers concentrating on the e-commerce and mobile market with the tools they would need to produce and deploy apps at a “rapid”...

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    5 Android app money making tips from Logia Group





    Technology and solutions from Logia Group are redefining the way operators, developers, content providers and media owners monetize the mobile arena. Logia offers the full range of field-proven monetization tools, including:

    -     AppSuite- A range of apps based VAS including music, gaming centers, video surveillance and...

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