InMobi's Mobile Media Consumption Q4 Survey #mwc12

The research team at InMobi is keeping busy as ever and we’re excited to have released our latest series of research reports dubbed the Mobile Media Consumption research yesterday at Mobile World Congress. This report is the first of a series to cover 18 countries on an on-going basis to keep abreast of how mobile devices have changed the way we consume media.

The research focuses on consumers who use mobile web services, either through a browser or application and includes all types of mobile devices...

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Developers’ Guide to MWC

Here’s our Top Ten Tips for surviving Mobile World Congress.

  • Business CardsHow many cards were you planning on bringing? Nope – bring twice as many! Make sure you actually do something with the cards you pick up – I like WorldCard for scanning in cards.
  • Pick Up All The SchwagEvery company will be handing out free posters, stressballs, branded USB sticks, samples, and – in some cases – giving away phones. Take everything you can lay your hands on.
  • Hand...
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    Breaking Into The Android Top 10

    Everyone wants to break in to the top ten of the Android app store. It's one of the most coveted positions because it shows other users just how good your app is.

    It also increases visibility, which leads to more downloads, which leads to more revenue.

    So, the question I'm often asked is: "how many downloads do I need to get to hit the Android top ten?"

    The answer is simple.... It's just 17.

    Of course, that's only if you want to be in the top ten paid-for cookery widgets in the Tuvalu app store. Have a bit...

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