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Brave Search has integrated a new AI feature called CodeLLM designed to provide high-quality answers to coding-related queries. 

CodeLLM summarises potential solutions located across the web and generates step-by-step explanations to common coding problems. It aims to save developers time by delivering concise and actionable responses without having to sift through dozens of search results.

The AI is powered by a large language model called Mixtral which can generate code from text prompts. Brave Search builds on top of Mixtral by providing real-time context from its index of over 20 billion web pages.

CodeLLM is available in Brave Search on both desktop and mobile. Users don’t need to do anything special to trigger it, just search as normal from either the address bar if Brave is the default search engine or by visiting

Brave Search will automatically detect when a query can benefit from CodeLLM and display an answer box above the regular results. Users can provide feedback on the feature with a button at the bottom of the widget.

CodeLLM advances Brave Search’s mission to innovate in ways that respect user privacy and avoid excessive tracking. The feature works entirely on-device without sending personal information to Brave or external services.

Other recent additions built with the same privacy-first mandate include Goggles for showing community-driven alternative search rankings and an AI summarizer that provides concise overviews of search results.

The launch of CodeLLM highlights the advantage of Brave Search owning its full technology stack rather than relying on third-party providers. It allows for rapid experimentation to create novel search experiences not found on dominant engines like Google and Bing.

Brave Search now serves over 25 million queries daily across its base of over 60 million users of the Brave browser where it’s the default option.

CodeLLM puts the power of AI directly into the hands of developers when they need it most, without compromising their privacy, and serves as another example of Brave Search’s commitment to innovation that respects users.

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