MongoDB launches Atlas Stream Processing preview

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MongoDB has announced the public preview launch of Atlas Stream Processing, allowing any developer on Atlas to access the new stream processing capability. 

The introduction of Atlas Stream Processing aims to revolutionise the handling of high-velocity event data, providing developers with enhanced agility and efficiency in managing data streams.

Unveiled at .local NYC 2023, Atlas Stream Processing promises to redefine the landscape of stream data aggregation and enrichment. It offers developers a seamless transition from traditional data management to real-time stream processing within the MongoDB Atlas environment. This groundbreaking feature enables developers to harness the power of MongoDB’s document model and Query API for handling data in motion.

During the private preview phase, MongoDB says that thousands of development teams expressed interest in Atlas Stream Processing, with valuable feedback collected from engaged users. John Riewerts, EVP of Engineering at Acoustic, praised the platform for its ability to empower brands with real-time insights, facilitating the creation of personalised customer experiences.

“With Atlas Stream Processing, our engineers can leverage the skills they already have from working with data in Atlas to process new data continuously, ensuring our customers have access to real-time customer insights,” said Riewerts.

Noteworthy use cases highlighted during the preview period include a leading global airline utilising complex aggregations for maintenance and operations data, a large manufacturer leveraging stream processing for continuous monitoring of equipment data, and an enterprise SaaS provider delivering contextual alerts to drive product engagement.

In response to user feedback, MongoDB has incorporated several enhancements in the public preview release. These include improvements to the developer experience, expansion of advanced features, and enhancements to operational efficiency and security.

Enhancements to the developer experience include integration with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and improved dead letter queue (DLQ) capabilities. The integration with VS Code allows developers to create and manage processors seamlessly within their familiar development environment. Meanwhile, the enhanced DLQ support streamlines the development process by displaying DLQ messages during pipeline execution.

In terms of advanced features, MongoDB has introduced capabilities such as $lookup for enriching documents, change streams pre- and post-imaging for enhanced data processing, and conditional routing with dynamic expressions for flexible message routing. These additions cater to the evolving needs of advanced development teams relying on stream processing.

Operationally, MongoDB has focused on improving aspects such as checkpointing, Terraform provider support, security roles, auditing, and Kafka consumer group support. These enhancements contribute to a more robust and secure stream processing environment, ensuring seamless operation and management of data streams.

As Atlas Stream Processing transitions to public preview, MongoDB will introduce preview pricing that is subject to change. Developers interested in exploring the capabilities of Atlas Stream Processing can access full documentation and resources to build their first stream processor today.

With the launch of Atlas Stream Processing, MongoDB continues to drive innovation in the realm of real-time data processing, empowering developers to build reactive, responsive, and event-driven applications with ease.

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