Android 15 beta improves edge-to-edge, app archiving, and security

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Google has released the first Android 15 beta with enhanced screen real estate utilisation, app archiving, and the bolstering of security measures. 

The tech giant has focused on optimising Android 15 for larger displays, such as those on foldable devices and tablets, by enabling apps’ edge-to-edge capabilities by default. This move is will benefit developers by eliminating the need for them to explicitly command the app to engage these features. Additionally, developers will find support through Google’s Material 3 composables, designed to facilitate app design and integration.

A noteworthy improvement in this beta is with app archiving. With this feature, the operating system will now support archiving and unarchiving of unused apps across “all app stores,” according to Google. This process will remove non-essential API and cached files while preserving the user’s data, further indicated by an “archived” state icon within the device’s launcher.

In its ongoing commitment to security, Android 15 introduces enhanced “Key management” for end-to-end encryption (E2EE), allowing for more seamless management and verification of another user’s contact information at an OS level for the API for contact keys.

The beta also marks a step towards greater inclusivity, with initial testing now open for TalkBack’s support for braille displays compatible with the HID standard over USB and secure Bluetooth. This is particularly significant for visually impaired users, offering enhanced accessibility options.

Google is on track with its Android 15 development timeline, aiming for “platform stability” by June. A second public beta is due in May before the transition into a stability phase ahead of the full release.

Notably, the company’s focus isn’t just on interface improvements and accessibility; in its second developer preview of Android 15 released in late March, Google highlighted the upcoming introduction of satellite connectivity for SMS/MMS and RCS chats in scenarios where Wi-Fi or cellular connections are not available. This, coupled with renewed efforts to enhance user security, underscores Google’s comprehensive approach to the development of Android 15.

You can enroll any supported Pixel device here to get this and future Android Beta updates over-the-air. If you don’t have a Pixel device, you can use the 64-bit system images with the Android Emulator in Android Studio.

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