Graphcore joins PyTorch Foundation as a general member

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The PyTorch Foundation, a home for the deep learning community to collaborate on the open-source PyTorch framework and ecosystem, has announced that Graphcore is joining its ranks.

Graphcore – a Bristol, UK-based company specialising in designing and manufacturing AI accelerators, hardware, and software tailored for AI and machine learning workloads – has joined as a general member of the foundation.

PyTorch has long been a go-to framework for developers in the field of artificial intelligence, and this partnership with Graphcore marks a significant milestone for both entities.

Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of the PyTorch Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm: 

“We’re thrilled that PyTorch is the leading framework for development on the Graphcore platform.

Graphcore has played an essential role in the hardware and open-source space, and we look forward to their continued contributions to PyTorch.”

One of the key ways Graphcore has contributed to the PyTorch ecosystem is by developing integrations to run on their IPU (Intelligence Processing Unit) hardware. These integrations empower researchers and practitioners to harness the power of their preferred frameworks while taking full advantage of Graphcore’s specialised hardware.

Anthony Barbier, Software Frameworks Lead at Graphcore, commented:

“At Graphcore we’re truly aligned with PyTorch’s objective of reducing the barrier of entry to AI practitioners.

By supporting a native PyTorch software environment for IPUs we are giving developers access to new underlying hardware, designed from the ground up for AI, to help unlock new AI techniques to improve efficiency or performance and to drive breakthroughs in AI research and applications, with the same user-friendly PyTorch framework they know and expect.

We look forward to contributing to and growing the global AI community as an active member of the PyTorch Foundation and are proud to be the first general member.”

This collaboration not only strengthens the PyTorch Foundation but also underscores the commitment of both Graphcore and the foundation to advancing the field of AI. It brings together cutting-edge hardware and a widely adopted framework, promising innovative solutions and opportunities for AI enthusiasts worldwide.

This is a particularly exciting time for the PyTorch community, as it continues to grow and evolve with the support of industry leaders like Graphcore.

Any entity interested in becoming part of the PyTorch Foundation can apply here.

(Image Credit: Graphcore)

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