Xbox and Inworld AI forge game-changing alliance

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Xbox has unveiled a partnership with Inworld AI aimed at transforming game development using AI-powered tools.

In a blog post, Haiyan Zhang, General Manager of Gaming AI at Xbox, reflected on the evolution of gaming AI from the days of Ms Pac-Man to the present. Zhang highlighted the transformative potential of modern AI in creating living worlds, dynamic narratives, and intricate characters.

While traditional rule-based AI set the foundation, the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as OpenAI’s GPT has opened new avenues for game developers. These models offer endless opportunities to fuel creativity, simplify complexity, and enrich player engagement.

Xbox’s strategic alliance with Inworld AI heralds a potentially new era in game development. The partnership aims to merge Inworld’s expertise in generative AI models for character development with Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud-based AI solutions, including Azure OpenAI Service.

AI-powered game development

The core objective of this partnership is to deliver an accessible and responsibly designed multi-platform AI toolset. This toolset comprises two key components:

  1. AI design copilot: This tool empowers game designers to explore creative ideas by transforming prompts into detailed scripts, dialogue trees, quests, and more.
  2. AI character runtime engine: Integrated into the game client, this engine enables the creation of dynamically-generated narratives, quests, and dialogues, offering players a truly immersive experience.

Xbox says its commitment to fostering meaningful innovation, empowering individuals and organisations, and ensuring responsibility underscores this initiative. The collaboration aligns with Microsoft’s AI principles and Responsible AI Standard, promoting the development of responsible AI by design.

By partnering with Inworld AI, Xbox aims to make game development more accessible and encourage developers from all walks of life to push boundaries, experiment, and shape the future of gaming.

(Image Credit: Xbox)

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