Google makes it easier for developers to offer eco-routing

Google makes it easier for developers to offer eco-routing
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Google is making it easier for developers to offer eco-routing in their apps following announcements from its annual Search On event.

Current users of the Google Maps app may have seen that the service launched “eco-friendly” routes earlier this year, enabling the environmentally conscious to minimise their carbon footprints.

Later this year, Google says that it will launch a preview of the feature to developers. The feature will enable developers to offer eco-friendly routing in their apps, and even select an engine type to get the best route and most accurate fuel or energy efficiency estimates.

Additional announcements made today include:

  • Routes API: Launching today in preview, the API provides advanced features like support for motorbikes, tolls data, visualising real-time traffic, and more.
  • Address Validation API: Available in the coming months, the API helps identify address components, fixes errors, and augments addresses with missing data–helping to prevent cancelled orders, customer support tickets, and refunds. 
  • Advanced Markers: Available in preview in the coming weeks, Advanced Markers will allow developers to customise the iconic Google Maps red pin and create interactive markers within their maps.

More information can be found on Google’s blog post here.

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