App Bundles will help trim Google TV apps

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While it’s that time of year when most of us will put on some weight, Google is putting apps for its TV platforms on a diet.

Google has announced that apps for Google TV and Android TV will require the use of Android App Bundles (AABs) by May 2023.

App Bundles were introduced to Android in November 2020 to replace Android Package Kits (APKs).

According to Google, AABs offer the following benefits:

  • Smaller size – AABs are around 20 percent smaller than APK equivalents, leading to faster downloads and taking up less storage.
  • Streamlined delivery – Expanding on the above, AABs enable the Play Store to dynamically serve an optimised app for each device configuration.
  • Lower uninstall risk – App Bundles enable users to archive (which reclaims ~60% of app storage) so users can keep more apps on their TV despite limited storage.

Google estimates that it will take one developer around three days to transition an existing TV app from an APK to an AAB.

The six-month transition period should give TV app developers plenty of time to make the change. Google says that it may hide apps that don’t transition in time.

“App Bundles bring a delightful experience to both you as developers and your users, especially in the living room,” wrote Josh Wentz, Product Management for Google TV, in a blog post.

“Thank you for your partnership in creating immersive content and entertainment experiences for the future of TV.”

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