The Open Group launches data platform for energy industry developers

The Open Group launches data platform for energy industry developers
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Vendor-neutral technology consortium The Open Group has launched an open-source data platform for developers in the energy industry.

The OSDU Data Platform is standards-based, technology-agnostic, and aims to reduce the time-to-market of new solutions.

Steve Nunn, President and CEO of The Open Group, said:

“The OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release represents an important achievement by the OSDU Forum in a very short space of time. Established in 2018, the OSDU Forum has accumulated over 185 Member organisations who are collaborating together to accelerate innovation and reduce costs in the energy sector.

With a standard data platform, energy companies will be able to drive innovation by integrating digital technologies and utilising open standards for better decision-making. Looking ahead, this will be imperative to meet the world’s increasing energy demands while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

A single set of industry-specific APIs enables proprietary applications to be designed, built, and deployed quickly on top of the platform.

Johan Krebbers, GM of Emerging Digital Technologies / VP of IT Innovation at Shell, said:

“At the heart of most energy companies’ strategies is embracing the transformational technologies taking us forward in today’s digital era.

This makes the need for a common architectural design clear, one that underpins how our industry works with its data.”

Over time, the platform will provide access to applications from a broad range of energy sources and prevent developers from needing to develop and maintain legacy architectures in order to deliver increasingly vital new services and solutions.

David Eyton, EVP of Innovation & Engineering at bp, commented:

“We believe that the future of the energy industry will be data-driven and dependent on its ability to manage data in a manner that promotes data-sharing with partners, innovation through data science, and rapid decision-making throughout the lifecycle of the energy value chains.

Being a founding member of the OSDU Forum, bp has had an opportunity to be part of an organisation that is fundamentally changing the data landscape for our industry. By integrating energy organisations, cloud services providers, and software vendors, the OSDU Forum is providing an opportunity for collaboration that will be beneficial for all involved.

We are very excited about the Mercury Release of the OSDU Data Platform and look forward to expanding this approach into engineering, emissions, and new energy.”

The open-source nature of the platform enables any party – from indie developers, to disruptive startups, to large corporations – to contribute their expertise and help expand its features and capabilities. Members of the OSDU Forum itself can be viewed here.

Manish Chawla, Global MD of Energy, Resources, and Manufacturing at IBM, said:

“The OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release is another big step forward for the energy industry to unlock the next stage of their digital transformation journeys.

With flexible deployment models with Hybrid Cloud, it will allow operators to access insights across their domain teams, eliminate data silos, and streamline workflows to make faster, smarter decisions, anywhere.”

Developers can find out more about how to get started with the OSDU Data Platform here.

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