65% of companies are concerned about the wellbeing of developers

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Research conducted by Forrester Consulting has found that a majority of companies are concerned about the wellbeing of developers.

The research, commissioned by The Qt Company, also highlighted that 75 percent of connected device manufacturers are finding the demand for skills is outstripping supply.

“All too often native development for individual chipsets leads to isolated pockets of skills that are hard to transfer to new platforms,” said Marko Kaasila, SVP of Product Management at The Qt Company.

This skills shortage is requiring developers to shoulder an unfair workload, putting their wellbeing at risk. 65 percent of companies report being concerned about the wellbeing of their developers. 

“Businesses need to urgently consider the burden being placed on developers to support the current workforce,” added Kaasila.

“The welfare of software developers in today’s fast paced world has been overlooked as companies’ digitally innovate in order to survive.”

82 percent of companies believe higher-level software tools and development frameworks are crucial to accelerate new product development.

“The unforeseen need for rapid digital transformation has placed a huge drain on developers who have not been equipped with the necessary tools to cope with this dramatic rate of change,” explains Kaasila.

“Tools, such as cross-platform frameworks, make it easier for developers to work across different platforms and fill talent needs.”

45 percent agree that cross-platform software design and development tools make the software development process more efficient. 80 percent of decision-makers report that they’re investing in such tools.

A copy of the full report can be found here.

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