Gitpod adds support for VS Code and expands features after raising $13M

Gitpod adds support for VS Code and expands features after raising $13M
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Open-source developer platform Gitpod has announced a slew of enhancements after raising $13 million in venture capital funding.

The platform – which is used by over 350k global developers – aims to streamline workflows by providing prebuilt, collaborative browser-based development environments.

Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst with RedMonk, commented:

“While developers have a wealth of tools at their fingertips, integrating them all together and operating that patchwork quilt of technologies is a major gap in the developer experience. One important tool in addressing the problem is automation, which can lower the burden on developers to maintain these complicated pipelines.

Gitpod’s embrace of automated, higher quality developer experiences, therefore, is one to watch.”

Features being added to Gitpod include VS Code integration, sudo privileges, and support for Docker.

VS Code integration lets developers code using the popular editor but with all the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Docker support and sudo privileges enable developers to build Docker images to run containers within their workspace.

Gitpod’s recent $13 million funding round was led by General Catalyst and joined by Speedinvest, Crane Venture Partners, and Vertex Ventures.

Steve Herrod, Managing Director at General Catalyst, said:

“Gitpod is obsessed with bringing back joy and speed to the modern developer experience.

Devs today are struggling with larger codebases and more complex dependencies, leading to cluttered environments that hamper productivity and collaboration. Gitpod removes that friction and is on track to establish an essential new product category in modern software development.”

Gitpod also announced its first community event, DevXConf, which will be held April 28-29, 2021. Speakers include executives from GitHub, SourceGraph, VMware, and more.

Sven Efftinge, CEO of Gitpod, commented: “At DevXConf some of the brightest minds from the community get together and have a conversation on how we can make software engineering more productive and fun.”

Further details about DevXConf can be found here.

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