Amazon’s AI-powered code reviewer CodeGuru is now available

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An artificial intelligence-powered code reviewer from Amazon Web Services (AWS) called CodeGuru has reached general availability.

CodeGuru is a set of tools which use machine learning for reviewing code and suggesting potential optimisations to improve performance.

The set consists of two components, Reviewer and Profiler, and first launched into preview last December.

AWS trained Reviewer using code from over 10,000 open source projects in addition to the company’s in-house codebase.

“Even for a large organisation like Amazon, it’s challenging to have enough experienced developers with enough free time to do code reviews, given the amount of code that gets written every day,” Amazon wrote in today’s release.

“And even the most experienced reviewers miss problems before they impact customer-facing applications, resulting in bugs and performance issues.”

Developers aren’t tied into using Amazon’s CodeCommit repository service and can use whatever alternative they wish, including GitHub and Bitbucket Cloud.

Once set-up, developers can continue to commit their code to their repository of choice and CodeGuru Reviewer will analyse it on an ongoing basis.

All of the suggestions are done within the context of the repository. A pull request will be created by CodeGuru where it will automatically add a comment with further information on any bugs or performance improvements that it discovers. 

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Machine Learning, explains:

“Our customers develop and run a lot of applications that include millions and millions of lines of code. Ensuring the quality and efficiency of that code is incredibly important, as bugs and inefficiencies in even a few lines of code can be very costly. Today, the methods for identifying code quality issues are time-consuming, manual, and error-prone, especially at scale.

CodeGuru combines Amazon’s decades of experience developing and deploying applications at scale with considerable machine learning expertise to give customers a service that improves software quality, delights their customers with better application performance, and eliminates their most expensive lines of code.”

Companies which began using CodeGuru during its previous period include Atlassian, EagleDream, and DevFactory.

“It’s not always possible to predict how systems will behave under stress or manage complex data shapes, especially as we have multiple deployments per day,” comments Zak Islam, head of Engineering, Tech Teams at Atlassian.

“When we detect anomalies in production, we have been able to reduce the investigation time from days to hours and sometimes minutes thanks to Amazon CodeGuru’s continuous profiling feature.”

You can find out more information about AWS CodeGuru and how to get started here.

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