Facebook releases Graph API v8.0, reminds devs that ‘Sharing for Devices’ will soon end

Facebook releases Graph API v8.0, reminds devs that ‘Sharing for Devices’ will soon end
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Facebook has released the eighth version of its Graph API, which requires some action from developers.

Graph API v8.0 brings several changes and deprecates various features. Among the most notable is that “Sharing for Devices” – a feature enabling users to share content from IoT devices – will no longer be available from November 2nd.

The following API versions are also being deprecated:

  • September 28, 2020 – v5.0 and v6.0 of the Marketing API will no longer be available.
  • October 27, 2020 – v3.1 of the Graph API will no longer be available.

Some actions will be required by developers to accommodate some of Facebook’s changes:

  • By October 24th, developers must leverage a user, app, or client token when querying Graph API for user profile pictures via UID, FB OEmbeds and IG OEmbeds.
  • By November 2nd, apps wanting to access the business field on ad accounts will need to be granted specific permissions. Developers will need to request granular business_management permissions from the business that owns the ad accounts.
  • By January 31st 2021, catalog_management permissions will be decoupled from ads_management. Developers who already have access to catalog_management will maintain access but will need to prompt their users to grant access via the FB Login Dialog.

Facebook has made two other announcements today which it says will not require any action on the part of developers.

The first announcement is that Facebook is customising and streamlining app onboarding and integration for developers with business apps. A new feature called Business Asset User Profile Access will help to safeguard user data accessed through business assets.

Facebook says that business apps which are currently approved to access user profile data, and are actively using it, will be migrated to Advanced Access for the Business Asset User Profile Access feature. Apps that haven’t used this data for 90 days will be migrated to Standard Access and may request Advanced Access.

The final announcement is that, starting October 1st, target cost bidding will no longer be selectable as an option. Target cost will be deprecated in v8.0 of the Marketing API but accessible in v7.0. Facebook recommends using the cost cap bid strategy for developers who would like to continue controlling cost.

Facebook says developers should stay tuned for SDK announcements regarding the impending launch of iOS 14.

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