Play Store enables ‘pre-registration’ feature for all, plus larger app bundles

Google added some welcome new features to its Play Store ahead of its appearance at GDC this week.

The first is not strictly an addition but more of an expansion. ‘Pre-registration’ is now available for all developers, allowing hype for a game or app to be generated prior to release.

Next up is a new store page A/B test allowing multiple versions to be trialled with a subset of users. Performance stats will be provided for each to decide the optimal version before a full rollout.

To account for increased download speeds, and improved compression, Google will now class a ‘large download’ as over 150MB and will not prompt the user for anything under. This is up from 100MB previously.

App Bundles allow developers to benefit from compression improvements. Thankfully, they’re now supported in game engines such as Unity. Google is also upping App Bundles’ maximum size to 150MB.

In a blog post, Google provided an update on the adoption of Google Play Instant:

“We have seen strong adoption of Google Play Instant with 3x growth in the number of instant games and 5x growth in the number of instant sessions over the last six months.

Instant experiences allow players to tap the 'Try Now' button on your store listing page and go straight to a demo experience in a matter of seconds, without installing.

Now, they're even easier to build with Cocos and Unity plug-ins and an expanded implementation partner program. “

Get started today by visiting two new resources, a hub for developers interested in creating games on Android and, for developers looking to connect and scale their business across Google.

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