Alexa learns to cook via the Smart Home Skill API

An update to Amazon’s Smart Home Skill API has introduced support for Alexa to control a range of cooking devices.

The new capabilities will enable Alexa to control kitchen devices including microwaves and conventional ovens. Support for the former is available today, while for ovens is said to be coming soon.

Users of apps utilising the updated API will be able to control their cloud-connected devices using their voice. A recipe app, for example, could pre-set the correct temperature of the appliance and the user could start it when required using their voice. This leaves the user’s hands free for things such as mixing (while keeping fingerprints off their expensive new gadget!)

Amazon has announced it has invested into June Life, makers of the June Oven, via its Alexa Fund venture capital arm.

Matt Van Horn, Co-Founder and CEO of June Life, says:

“We’re excited to take the next step in our work with Amazon through the Alexa Fund investment and to offer our customers even more engaging voice experiences with their June Ovens.

We’re already bringing hands-free voice control to customers via our June Oven custom skill, which makes it incredibly convenient for them to do things like preheat the oven while they’re mixing ingredients, set and check timers, and stop cooking without taking off their oven mitts.

This next development in Smart Home Skill API support for ovens will enable our owners to give shorter, simpler commands to their June Ovens and receive updates on their food as it is cooking. We look forward to exploring what else we can do with our skill as the oven support rolls out.”

Appliance giant Whirlpool has created an Alexa skill that will launch soon for its line of connected microwaves; which enables customers to easily configure, start, and operate their device. Supported commands include setting cook times, modes, power levels, and more — all using natural voice.

Manufacturers can submit their cloud-connected kitchen devices for certification via the Works with Amazon Alexa program.

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