Unity gains AI powers from IBM Watson integration

Game development platform Unity has teamed up with IBM to integrate AI features powered by Watson.

The IBM Watson Unity SDK is now available in the Asset Store to make it easy for developers to implement services like visual recognition, speech-to-text, and language classification.

“This SDK is the first asset of its kind to bring scalable AI services to Unity, enabling developers to easily integrate Watson services into their Unity applications,” says Nathan Ventura, Product Marketing Manager at Unity. “Millions of Unity developers globally will now have access to the powerful cloud-based AI services of Watson directly within the Unity environment.”

With AR/VR currently all the rage for both gaming and enterprise purposes, IBM has been exploring how its AI expertise can be applied to the fields. The potential of the combined technologies was shown in a recent ‘Immersive Insights’ demonstration where real-time data was streamed into AR for users to analyse in a new dimension.

Together, Unity and IBM hope to build on this early demonstration and help to enable the development of enterprise applications which bring contextual expertise and AI capabilities directly to employees for a new level of interactivity.

With the speech recognition, a user’s natural voice can trigger in-app events while also featuring language translation and classification abilities. An example of it in action can be seen below:

For visual recognition, developers can make use of Watson’s Vision API. A team of developers recently took part in a hackathon and used the API to create a VR adventure game called Watson and Waffles.

The game required the player to sketch game objects using the Vive controller. Using the Vision API, Watson identifies user drawings and generates corresponding 3D objects for the player to use.

IBM’s Watson Unity SDK provides developers with a range of new AI powers to play with and increase the interactivity found within apps and games. We can’t wait to see what immersive and powerful experiences it enables.

To get started, head over to the Asset Store and download the SDK here.

Do you plan on using the IBM Watson Unity SDK? Let us know in the comments.

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