Consumers are more satisfied with Apple CarPlay over Android Auto

In the battle to become the car platform of choice, it seems Apple’s CarPlay is winning in satisfaction over Google’s Android Auto.

In a survey conducted by J.D. Power, more consumers are satisfied with CarPlay than Android Auto. This is despite most drivers preferring Google Maps over Apple Maps.

On a 1,000 point scale, CarPlay beat Android Auto 777 to 748. It’s not a substantial difference by any means, but notable regardless.

In terms of mapping choice, the majority (56%) choose Google Maps. Apple Maps has improved greatly since its turbulent launch and takes second place with 23 percent. Waze comes in last with just 16 percent.

It’s worth noting that most people in J.D Power’s survey use iPhones, and loyalty to Apple’s ecosystem by its users is renowned. This is likely the reason why the results are skewed in CarPlay’s favour.

As with its mobile platform counterpart, Android Auto provides more flexibility than CarPlay. For example, CarPlay users currently have no option to use a mapping solution other than Apple Maps.

Following the release of iOS 12, Apple promises other solutions like Google Maps and Waze will be allowed to run on CarPlay. However, no details of when this is expected have yet been provided.

Apple also appears to be increasing support for Android Auto with its own services. While we’re yet to see Apple Maps on any Android platform, Apple Music is available on Android Auto as of the latest beta.

Perhaps most notably, especially for automakers, is that most consumers are eschewing built-in car platforms in favour of those used on their smartphones.

Kristin Kolodge, Director of Driver Interaction at J.D. Power, comments:

“Most consumers consider phone systems better for navigation and voice recognition—and they’re free.

‘Better and free’ are hard to compete with, so automakers will inevitably have to cede this territory and will be much better served by focusing on areas where they are the exclusive provider—like driver assistance and collision avoidance—and continue to hone those systems.”

With more apps, fewer developer restrictions, support for more cars, a better voice assistant, and the ability to run directly on any Android phone, it’s surprising to see CarPlay win over Android Auto in satisfaction.

That said, there’s been no lack of similar arguments over iOS vs Android for years.

Do you prefer CarPlay or Android Auto? Let us know in the comments.

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