Mimecast rolls out new API developer portal to extend business and cyber resilience

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Email and data security provider Mimecast has rolled out a new application programming interface (API) developer portal to extend business and cyber resilience for email with a constant, scalable and uniform API.

The Mimecast API developer portal is already processing a huge number of requests every day and is a key enabler for multiple Mimecast services and applications. Mimecast customers and partners need to visit the portal to take advantage of Mimecast security and archive data and integrate to existing applications.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Basler, SVP of product management at Mimecast, said: “We’re excited to unveil the API developer portal leveraging the power and extensibility of the Mime│OS platform. The API enables Mimecast to extend our core Cyber Resilience functionality to customers and partners, enabling them to integrate Mimecast services into existing and new applications.”

Due to the rapid and hassle free access to a robust API, it is possible for the API developer portal to integrate any complementary solution and expose a wide range of integration options throughout many use cases including rapid search of the Mimecast archive and access content; and automating regular configuration tasks including user and group management.

Elsewhere, digital currency exchange firm Coinbase has announced the launch of the Coinbase Commerce API for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase Commerce API, the company says it is now possible for merchants to integrate cryptocurrency payments directly into their eCommerce solution. They can also accept multiple cryptocurrencies straight into their own user-controlled wallets with the free non-custodial solution.

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