Five ways to laser focus your mobile app marketing efforts

We have written recently about the extraordinary growth of mobile apps and ways to reach international and emerging markets (for example here, here, and here).

Flurry recently reported that mobile app usage increased 11 percent last year. According to AdWeek, other stats also impressive and worth noting include:

  • “Time spent in apps grew by 69 percent”
  • “Messaging and social apps saw year-over-year session growth of 44 percent”
  • “Personalization apps experienced a 46 percent decrease in sessions in 2016”
  • “Time spent in messaging and social apps increased by 394 percent in 2016 when compared to 2015”

For app publishers and developers, of course, this data is compelling and alluring. But it also raises a challenge: If much of the app opportunity is in the international markets, what are the keys to mobile app marketing in those markets?

App Developer Magazine offers “5 tips for selling your app in international markets.” Areas the posts suggests focusing on for mobile app marketing include:


“Although this is usually the first concern that jumps to mind when expanding into international markets, language is an easy problem for developers to solve. It is not usually a massive hurdle to have the content in your app translated by a professional or to translate the copy used in your app store pitch.” The post also outlines ways to test apps for language in certain markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


“As with targeting different user groups or market niches in the U.S., the ROI on app promotion will be different for each country you enter… you want to tailor your pitch for each user base to reflect that, using a digital marketing platform to A/B test different price points, sales pitches and other variables to see what works for each country.”


“…the fact is that some apps do a little better in Asia while some do a little better in western countries such as the UK, Canada and the U.S. due to cultural differences between buyers. But that doesn’t mean an app needs to be directly targeted to each country in the world to sell there.”


“Local preferences also play an important role in app buying as well… It’s true that every type of game works in every country on some level, though some regions are better suited to certain types of content than others.” The post offers specific examples.


The nice thing about apps is you can start testing new markets immediately at a very low cost of entry… It allows you to dip your toe into each market to determine which one you’re getting the most traction in.

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