Android Things Preview 4.1 includes minor improvements for IoT developers

The latest Android Things preview update only contains minor improvements but could be useful for some IoT developers.

As the incremental version number suggests, this update isn’t filled with exciting new features. The first is support for the Pico i.MX6UL revision B board, while support for earlier revisions are being dropped. The latest board supports many common external peripherals from companies including Adafruit and Pimoroni.

A second addition is a smaller, more optimised version of Play Services designed specifically for IoT devices powered by Android Things. You must use play-services 11.0.0 or later in your build.gradle.

The supported APIs for the Android Things flavour of Play Services are below:

To download images for DP4.1, visit the Android Things download page. You can find guided training on how to develop with Android Things from Google here.

Are you impressed with Android Things so far? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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