Developers will compete to build under 13kb games

In a world of increasing content sizes, one developer has partnered with industry leaders to run a competition to build under 13kb games and win some prizes for the achievement.

If you’re a big gamer, like yours truly, you may have multiple external hard drives kicking around to store increasingly big games. As we move from 1080p to 4K graphics, it’s a first world problem without an end in sight.

Andrzej Mazur, Founder of indie game studio Enclave Games, decided to take the fight to large games by launching the ‘Js13kGames’ competition. More than $20,000 of prizes have been accrued for the winners, and all participants will be sent a free t-shirt.

Entries will be judged by Mazur alongside some leading names in the industry. Joining him will be Jupiter Hadley, YouTuber & writer of Indie Games. Christer Kaitila, a creator of 40 games. Lee Reilly, a developer at GitHub. Tomasz Wesolowski, Engineering Lead at Codility. Pedro Fortuna, Co-founder of Jscrambler. And finally, Pablo Farías Navarro, Game Developer and Founder of Zenva.

To prove it’s possible, a promo game called ‘Triskaidekaphobia’ has been released. (Students beware: Unlike most games, I’m afraid you won’t have time to write an essay while it downloads.)

As for rules, there are some which anyone thinking of entering will need to comply with:

  • First off, perhaps obviously, the code and game assets should be smaller than or equal to 13 kilobytes. Your .zip package should contain index.html file and when unzipped should work in the browser.

  • There must be two sources – the first minimised and zipped to fit within the 13kb limit, and the second hosted on GitHub in a readable form with descriptive variable names and comments for others to learn from.

  • No libraries, images, or data of any form can be hosted on a server including things such as Google Fonts. You can use third-party libraries if they’re able to be shrunk down to fit within the 13kb total limit.

  • Your game must be new and run offline in at least Firefox and Chrome.

The competition starts at 13:00 CEST, 13th August 2017 and ends at 13:00 CEST, 13th September 2017. A theme will be announced on the start date Submitted games will be published and made available for all to see.

You can find out further details on the prizes and how to enter here.

What are your thoughts on the Js13kGames competition? Let us know in the comments.

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8 Aug 2017, 8:25 a.m.

Indeed a unique one. Love to read this. thanks for sharing