Elastic Beam unveils AI-powered software platform to protect API infrastructures from attacks

Elastic Beam has announced the launch of API Behavioral Security (ABS), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software platform that can detect and block cyberattacks that target APIs to compromise corporate data and systems – in public clouds, hybrid clouds, or on premise.

ABS does not require any predefined policies, security rules, or attack signatures, and is capable of stopping new and constantly changing attacks.

Securing APIs is important because they provide an easy access into line-of-business applications, systems and databases. The new solution overlays on existing API infrastructures to protect API Gateways, API Management platforms, and APIs implemented directly on application servers. It uses a combination of advanced AI techniques with strong API behaviour expertise to proactively respond in real-time to cyberattacks from exploiting the APIs.

Coleman Parkes reported in a research survey that 88% of enterprises use APIs in their business with increasing number of deployments of APIs in Clouds, Enterprises, and IoT environments. Access control mechanisms and foundational API security services are becoming obsolete with the emergence of new threats. Moreover, it takes an average time of more than three months to detect a breach.

According to Elastic Beam, its vendor agnostic cybersecurity solution reduces the operational costs of a company by automatically blocking API-based intrusions and providing deep insight into everything done with their APIs. ABS provides a complete log of the cyberattack-attempt information for compliance and audit reports. It prevents hackers from reconnecting after termination. It features decoy APIs function that work as traps for hackers capturing attack information for analysis and reporting.

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