Facebook’s AR Studio opens to all developers

Facebook has opened its AR Studio tool so any interested developer can now build augmented reality experiences.

AR Studio was first announced back in April at Facebook’s F8 developer conference. The tool enables developers to build experiences for Facebook Camera.

Facebook is attempting to use third-party developers to help close the augmented reality gap with rival Snapchat. AR Studio contains support for “World Effects” which are Facebook’s version of Snapchat’s own “World Lenses” — a feature that augments the environment rather than just people.

Here are a few examples of Snapchat’s AR models:

“We want artists, developers, brands and more creators to be able to build and share amazing AR experiences,” says Facebook director Ficus Kirkpatrick. “By opening AR Studio to all creators, we’re taking steps towards making AR more a part of everyday life.”

Snapchat hasn’t been too friendly to developers, so Facebook is hoping to capitalise on this by embracing them fully. It will be interesting to see if their efforts pay off.

“We’ve been continuously advancing the capabilities of the platform, with improved face tracking, new graphics capabilities, better scripting, and now world effects. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to see how creators bring art to life through AR Studio.”

AR Studio is available to all developers starting today. The first experiences for consumers will arrive in the next few days including a 3D arrow, floating heart, and a rather musical celebrating robot.

Find out how to get started with AR Studio here.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s AR efforts? Let us know in the comments.

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