Google Realtime API to cease from January

Google's Realtime API, which provides applications and sites with similar collaboration abilities to Google Docs and Sheets, will come to an end on January 15th, 2019.

In order to avoid any inconvenience caused by the Realtime API shut down, Google is presently busy formulating products such as Google Cloud SQL, Firebase Realtime Database, and Google Cloud Firestore. The company believes this will cater to the needs of developers who are currently using the Realtime API.

In October 2017, Google announced the launch of Google Cloud Firestore (beta), which is a fully-managed NoSQL document database. Google Firebase Realtime Database, a NoSQL cloud database  — although having the same capabilities as Cloud Firestore — is not as scalable.

Certain features such as expressive queries and scalable queries which are present in Cloud Firestore are missing in Google Firebase Realtime Database. According to Google, Cloud SQL is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL and MySQL database service. Presently, the PostgreSQL service is in beta.

Regarding the shut down, Google says that Realtime API will function normally until December 11th, 2018 — but on that day modification of Realtime API documents will no longer be permitted and the documents will be on read-only mode.

The company is not accepting any new clients for the API. After the complete shut down, a JSON export API will be available, added Google.

Documents created and modified with the help of Realtime API are stored in Google Drive.

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