Algoriddim shows off Microsoft’s Bridge capabilities with port of djay Pro

App developer Algoriddim has shown off the capabilities of Microsoft’s iOS app porting tool, Bridge, with the release of their complex djay Pro app on Windows 10.

The app store of iOS has long been the envy of Windows fans. Microsoft has attempted to lure app developers into bringing their iOS apps to Windows 10 with the release of their ‘Bridge’ porting tool which makes it relatively trivial to bring apps from iOS over to Windows.

“We’re thrilled to unveil djay Pro for Windows,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “Our mission has been to open up DJing to everyone. By introducing our app to Windows users for the first time, djay Pro has become a truly universal, cross-platform solution for all DJs. With direct access to Spotify and a native Windows 10 look and feel, djay Pro is the ultimate performance tool to mix music on Windows.”

So far we’ve seen a few relatively basic apps release on the Windows store based on their iOS counterparts, but Algoriddim’s app is complex and is a testament to how capable Bridge is. This may work in Microsoft’s favour, and incentivise other developers to explore porting their own apps to Windows 10.

“We are extremely delighted to see the award-winning djay Pro app come to the Windows Store,” said Adam Denning, Partner Group Program Manager at Microsoft. “This app showcases the power available for developers to build beautiful and engaging apps with the Universal Windows Platform. For us on the Windows Bridge for iOS team, it has been amazing to work with the brilliant minds at Algoriddim. Just as Algoriddim will create a world where every person can be an artist and bring their digital media to life, the Windows 10 Creators Update will empower everyone to create and share their best work.”

Beyond a straight port of djay Pro from iOS to Windows, Algoriddim has built upon the app to take advantage of new hardware exclusive to Microsoft’s own Surface line of devices. Algoriddim boasts its app on Windows 10 is the first to support the location-aware Surface Dial which allows users to browse their music library, scratch, scrub, loop, and precisely adjust knobs and filters on screen, and for each deck individually.

Have you tried porting iOS apps with Microsoft’s Bridge tool? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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