Nvidia uses DOOM to demonstrate Vulkans power

Nvidia uses DOOM to demonstrate Vulkans power
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The anticipated reboot of beloved game series DOOM is due this week from Bethesda, and Nvidia has used it on-stage during an event in Austin to demonstrate the power of their latest GTX 1080 GPU when used with the impressive Vulkan graphics API. 

Going back to its roots, the new DOOM is set to offer fast-paced action which – at the graphical fidelity of current games – you would expect to bring even the most powerful of processors to a stutter. Of course, with shooter-based games that's unacceptable. 

For years graphics APIs have stagnated and offered small optimisations with each version, but DirectX 12 and Vulkan are both major advancements which are proven to bring almost unprecedented performance gains. This is mostly due to proper multi-threading support, which finally takes advantage of all the cores in modern GPUs and ensures no performance is going to waste. 

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Bethesda joined Nvidia to show-off DOOM running on Vulkan's spiritual predecessor, OpenGL. The demo ran around 60fps using the older graphics API, which is what's considered the minimum to ensure smoothness of gameplay – particularly in the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre where frame rate dips are more obvious. 

The game developer then switched over to using the Vulkan API, which on 'Ultra' settings delivered up to 200 FPS with an impressive average of 140 – 150 FPS. It's worth noting the demonstration used a resolution of 1080p, but you can expect the game to run at 60 FPS in 4K based on these results. Executive Producer for ID Software, Marty Stratton, said Vulkan API support will be added to the game very soon after its release and is currently being optimised. 

Vulkan isn't the only graphics API to offer such performance gains and will be going head-to-head against DirectX 12. Whereas the DirectX API is exclusive to Windows 10-based devices, Vulkan has the advantage of being multi-platform and supports Linux, Android, SteamOS, and even Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) 

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