Basho Technologies launches version 1.3 of Riak TS optimised for IoT

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Basho Technologies has launched version 1.3 of Riak TS, an enterprise-grade NoSQL database optimised for Internet of Things (IoT). The open source edition is available for use by developers at no cost and version 1.3 expands support for SQL commands, improves API support and offers support for shell commands while also including multi-cluster replication.

Nik Rouda, senior analyst, ESG, said: “In a recent ESG survey, 48% of respondents declared big data and analytics initiatives their number one priority; an additional 32% rank big data and analytics initiatives in their top five priorities. Today, big data is maturing into a pervasive IT undertaking that requires active collaboration from all of an organisation’s various operating facets. A very common goal is implementing tools built for operational efficiency. Especially as data variety grows — in the form of unstructured, often time-stamped IoT data — deriving value from data more quickly and at lower costs will be paramount for competitive advantage. Riak TS 1.3 represents a robust purpose-built solution for time series data making big data analytics projects easier to deploy, manage and maintain.”

Riak TS ensures quick storage and retrieval of time series data, easy analysis of large data sets, combination with complimentary stack technologies, global availability, enhanced support and simplified development and deployment. Riak TS enables both open source and commercial customers to perform the associated queries and transactions on time series data, while maintaining high availability and scale.

Adam Wray, CEO, Basho Technologies, said: “Riak TS is the first enterprise database built specifically for time series data. As enterprises collect IoT time series data from sensors, they will need fast, reliable and scalable read and write performance. Riak TS is purpose-built to store and retrieve time series data with enhanced read and write performance. Extending an open-source version, enhancing ease of use, and adding support for Multi-cluster Replication will make it even easier for companies and community to demonstrate return on their IoT investments.”

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