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Today, millions of Bluetooth devices have flooded the market and more are entering the ecosystem on a daily basis. These devices include sensors, scales and control equipment among others. provides the communication platform to connect all of these devices to remotely, monitor and control them. The solution makes the IoT a reality by providing connectivity without the need to modify or update devices.

Now, Vensi has released an update to to back Web Bluetooth to communicate with Remote Bluetooth Devices.

The solution connects all Bluetooth devices to a web dashboard to remotely control and monitor them.

Additionally, developers can build applications or use existing applications with the support of the proposed Web Bluetooth standard. utilises the Bluetooth Web Standard with W3C for running applications. is based on the scalable Amazon Web Services platform that facilitates deployment of large scale applications with various devices.

The offering boasts a gateway approach that can utilise existing iOS and Android platforms to develop the applications prior to deployment. can be easily customized to be deployed across different verticals with easy to develop applications. Certain industries covered include industrial, HVAC, process and home automation. BlueApp along with BluTerm will be a perfect to connect with RS232, RS485, Modbus, BACnet devices to remotely control and monitor.


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