Samsung opens up smart TV SDK preview guide to developers

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Samsung Electronics has opened its Smart TV Software Development Kit (SDK) Preview UI guide to all developers with a view to extend its customer’s single access experience.

Developers can use the Smart TV SDK for Samsung Smart TV’s Tizen TV OS platform and the Preview UI guide facilitates the single access content experience. Before this, the Smart TV SDK Preview UI was only available to a limited number of applications from a select group of partners.

WonJin Lee, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “Continuing Samsung’s commitment to our consumers and developers, we’ve decided to open the Smart TV SDK preview guide.

“We will continue to provide more access and additional content as we strive to expand our smart TV application ecosystem.”

The development opens the Smart TV SDK Preview UI to several new applications. Now, developers can use the preview functions to improve exposure and promote their services through Samsung’s Smart TV’s Smart Hub home screen.

You can find the guide on the Samsung Developer Forum here.

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